"AfterMASH" was a spinoff of M*A*S*H which depicted the lives of some of the characters after they returned from the Korean War. Sherman Potter, Father Mulcahy and Maxwell Klinger each work at General Pershing, a Veteran's Hospital in Missouri. In the series we see Soon-Lee, Klinger's wife, again. We also meet Mildred, Potter's wife, for the first time. Besides these familiar characters, we meet many new characters. Mike D'Angelo is the administrative head of the hospital. Alma Cox is his assistant. She does a lot of work for Mike D'Angelo out of a secret love for him; however, he still seems to have feelings for his ex-wife. Bonnie Hornbeck is Alma's secretary. Dr. Gene Pfieffer is a resident at the hospital.

Running only from 1983 to 1985, "AfterMASH" was a short-lived series with 30 episodes. Gary Burghoff guest-starred in two episodes, "Yours Truly, Max Klinger" and "It Had To Be You," reprising his role of Walter O'Reilly. In "It Had To Be You" Walter gets married. Edward Winter also reprised his role of Colonel Flagg in "Trials." None of the other actors from M*A*S*H appeared in "AfterMASH." The series has been rerun rarely since its first run. The final episode was never aired.

Episode List

Executive Producer and Creator: Burt Metcalfe
Creative Consultant and Creator: Larry Gelbart
Producer: Dennis Koenig
Original music: Pat Williams
  • Harry Morgan --- Doctor Sherman Potter
  • Jamie Farr --- Max Klinger
  • William Christopher --- Father Francis Mulcahy
  • Barbara Townsend --- Mildred Potter (1983)
  • Anne Pitoniak --- Mildred Potter (1984)
  • Rosalind Chao --- Soon-Lee Klinger
  • John Chappell --- Mike D'Angelo
  • Peter Michael Goetz --- Wally Wainright (1984)
  • Jay O. Sanders --- Dr. Gene Pfeiffer
  • Brandis Kemp --- Alma Cox
  • Lois Foraker --- Nurse Coleman
  • Wendy Schaal --- Bonnie Hornbeck
  • Pat Cranshaw --- Bob Scannell
  • Shirley Lang --- Nurse Crown
  • David Ackroyd --- Doctor Boyer (1984)
  • Carol Sue Walker --- Sarah (1984)
  • Susan Luck --- Nurse Weber (1984)
  • Joan Sweeney --- Nurse Parker (1984)
  • Sunshine Parker --- Sunshine (1984)
  • Wendy Girard --- Lenore Dudziak (1984)
  • Tom Isbell --- Dr. Andy Caldwell

Fr. Mulcahy, Mike D'Angelo, and Alma Cox
"Shall We Dance"

"Sunday, Cruddy Sunday"

Radar, Fr. Mulcahy, and Sherman
"It Had To Be You"


The theme song for AfterMASH (626 K)

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