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Big Daddy O'Reilly

5/3/2017 7:26:51 PM

Potty Dance

It just now occured me what a horrible situation there was with the 4077th having anywhere from 50 ("None Like it Hot") to 200 ("Dear Ma") assigned there, and only ONE Latrine with only TWO seats (one for men, one for women).

Well, there are some references to a separate Officers' Latrine in some episodes, which on Stage 9 is apparently just the Showers tent doubling as such an Officers' Latrine.

I suppose when push comes to shove, they just have to go in the woods like Charles was having to resort to in GFA.


5/5/2017 3:17:29 AM

Even worse, it was blown up at least once. I think it was hauled off with a general inside. It would give you splinters. And it had to change location frequently.
I agree with you - not a good situation.


5/5/2017 6:35:57 PM

Frank mentioned the officer's latrine on a fairly regular basis. The nurses must've had a separate latrine as they had designated showers. I'm sure going on leave and having a hotel room with a real bed and bathroom felt like a luxury.


5/11/2017 10:09:14 AM

The General Flipped....

This episode was on last night. Love the comment about the 4-place latrine so the men could encourage each other.

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