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7/18/2017 5:26:11 PM

Your Thoughts

If you had seen Mash the movie and then watched the pilot episode of the series what do you see your thoughts being on both?


7/19/2017 1:01:05 AM

The movie was much truer to the book. The movie really didn't have much of a plot - lots of hijinks but not much of a story. It was about working, drinking, screwing around and surviving till they finished their rotation and could go home (pretty much like the book).
The pilot was not as dark or serious as the movie. The lighter tone increased the impact of the serious episodes (Sometimes you Hear the Bullet) later on. I do like that Henry became a central character in the pilot and that they really focused on the conflict between Hawkeye/Trapper/Henry vs Frank/Margaret.


7/23/2017 10:30:46 PM

The pilot tried to capture the mood of the film as much as it could for television in plot, characterization, style, and theme. I'd have preferred the film over the series for most of the first season with the second season really settling in to its own creative direction.

Big Daddy O'Reilly

7/24/2017 3:11:11 AM

It's super rare that a series adaptation of a successful movie even does remotely well, especially considering this was back during a time when movie stars like Donald Sutherland, Eliot Gould, and Sally Kellerman were considered "too big," "too expensive," and "too important" to even think about lowering themselves to television to reprise their roles - it's amazing that the M*A*S*H series not only did well, but many consider it superior to the movie: that's a rarity.

The only other moderately successful series adaptation I can think of is THE ODD COUPLE, but that can kind of be forgiven, considering before it was a movie, it was a successful play and had many different actors playing Felix and Oscar, including movie Felix Art Carney, TV Felix Tony Randall, moving Oscar Walter Matthau, and TV Oscar Jack Klugman.


8/5/2017 12:44:34 PM

I would say the TV Series "Alice" adapted from the movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" wasn't too bad either. Not nearly at the same level as M*A*S*H of course, but certainly worthy of a mention I'd say.

I just hope they don't try to re-do M*A*S*H either as a motion picture or as a new series like what Norman Lear is doing with "One Day At A Time".

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