Radar had his faithful teddy bear for more than 7 years, but his bear never had a name. We first saw the bear in "I Hate a Mystery," episode 10. While searching the camp for some stolen articles, Colonel Blake uncovered Radar's bunk and found the bear there. In "Officer of the Day" Radar told Hawkeye that the bear was a gift from his brother. In "War of Nerves" Radar was worried about the fact he still sleeps with the bear; Sidney tells him he'll probably give up the bear when he goes home.

Sidney's theory proved true when Radar left the bear on Hawkeye's bunk in "Goodbye Radar, Part II." Hawkeye put the teddy bear in the time capsule in "As Time Goes By," episode 250. It was to stand for all those who came over to Korea as boys and returned home as men.

I've heard the original teddy bear used for the show was found on Stage 9 where M*A*S*H was filmed. However for some reason they used a different bear in "As Time Goes By."

Since Radar's teddy bear was never given a name, I thought it might be fun to come up with some interesting names for him. If you have a good name for his bear, submit it along with your name below. Feel free to submit several names; however, either separate them by commas or come back to this page to submit again (the name has to be 50 letters or less). I will post a list of the names I receive here. I will not add the name if it already appears on the list.

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