Unfortunately, when television stations in the United States and some other countries rerun M*A*S*H, they edit scenes. In many episodes whole scenes are cut out; other times certain scenes are cut short. At times a joke may not make as much sense when a previous scene which sets up the joke is cut out. When M*A*S*H was originally run there were fewer commercials during each show. Today several minutes are cut out of every episode to make room for commercials. It is possible that it isn't always the same scenes edited out of each episode.

Below are some pictures and sound clips from scenes which I have seen edited out in syndication. I will be changing/adding featured scenes from time to time. For a couple other scenes often cut out, look at "Henry's Lectures".

"Payday," episode 70, season 3
Frank tells Klinger that he has to be in uniform to receive his pay. Radar stops into the O.R. to give Henry his pay.
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As another poker game begins, Radar gives Trapper and one of the nurses their pay. Hawkeye, the pay officer, hands Klinger his pay while Frank protests.
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"Hepatitis," episode 115, season 5
Hawkeye is going around the camp testing everyone for hepatitis after Father Mulcahy was diagnosed with it. This scene finds Hawkeye talking with Radar who is afraid he isn't "red-blooded enough."
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"Margaret's Marriage," episode 120, season 5
Hawkeye, B.J., and Potter are concerned about Frank after Margaret's departure for her honeymoon (this scene, the last of the episode, includes Frank's last words heard on the series)
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"5 O'Clock Charlie," episode 26, season 2
Hawkeye and Trapper place their bets on Charlie with Radar
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"Cowboy," episode 8, season 1
During a break in the action, Trapper tries to get in some recreation. All that stands in his way is Frank...
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"The Sniper," episode 34, season 2
Hawkeye is getting ready for picnic with a new nurse while Frank cleans his gun for target practice.
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"Bug Out," episode 97, season 5
The camp is in the midst of a bug out, looking for a new location.
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