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Deal Me Out

Major Sidney Freedman, the psychiatrist, and Capt. Sam Pak, an ROK officer, arrive at the 4077th for a "conference" that's really a poker game involving Hawkeye, Trapper, Col. Blake and Klinger. Radar borrows Blake's jeep to go into town, while Frank Burns prepares to operate. When Frank learns his patient is an intelligence officer, he refuses to operate until another intelligence officer is present - in case any secrets are uttered under sedation. The game is in progress when Radar returns informing Blake he ran over a civilian. Blake leaves the game to take care of the old man, Hwang. When Hawkeye and Trapper learn of Frank's dilemma they decide to operate instead, lest the patient die. Meanwhile, Frank attends to Pvt. Carter, a mentally troubled soldier. Capt. Halloran arrives in post-op to learn from Frank that Hawkeye and Trapper operated without him. Halloran tells the duo that they are under arrest. Henry rejoins the game but Radar quickly appears to say that Hwang wants fifty dollars not to report the accident. Capt. Pak knows Hwang as a professional victim, but they still chip in to help Radar. When Hawkeye and Trapper tell Halloran that their patient didn't say a word, he joins the game. They hear gunshots and learn Frank is trapped in the shower tent by Pvt. Cater. While Freedman talks to him, Trapper slips in under the tent and subdues the young soldier. Finally, by reveille, the poker players are back at the table and the game goes on.

Source: Twentieth Television

Airdate: 12/8/1973 (episode 37, season 2)
Episode: K-413

Writer: Larry Gelbart and Laurence Marks
Director: Gene Reynolds
Producer: Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds
Associate Producer: Burt Metcalfe

Guest Cast:
Capt. Pak --- Pat Morita
Major Freedman --- Allan Arbus
Halloran --- Edward Winter
Private Carter --- John Ritter
Klinger --- Jamie Farr
Hwang --- Jerry Fujikawa

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