"All aboard the S.S. Mardi Gras, a floating casino bound for Barbados. Nick, the cruise ship's owner, is headed for rough seas when he discovers that one of the syndicate's men has come aboard to collect on a high risk loan that was used to back the ship

The cruise itinerary includes casino bombings, compass sabotaging, and Nick's kidnapping by a beautiful Barbados seductress. Nick is about to fold and throw in his cards when he finally uncovers the saboteur. Then Stoney, Nick's informer, exposes the dealer using shaven dice. An investigation leads Nick to his best friend and mentor, Sam Fletcher. Sam is so desperate he'll sacrifice anything, including Nick's ship, to get revenge on the syndicate.

Having learned the hard way that friends don't always have your best interest in mind, Nick sets sail for Miami intact and showing a profit."



Bill and Angie Taylor

Angie, Bill, and Nick

Bill and Angie Taylor

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