Alan Alda: a Biography by Raymond Strait
Copyright November 1983 (St Martins Press, New York), ISBN: 0-3120-1703-0

Alan Alda: an Unauthorized Biography by Jason Bonderoff
Copyright November 1982 (Signet, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada), ISBN: 0-451-11419-1

All About M*A*S*H by Peggy Herz
Copyright 1975 (Scholastic Magazines, Inc., New York, NY), TK 3237

This book offers some look at the making of the TV series, including some insight into the characters and the cast.

The Complete Book of M*A*S*H by Suzy Kalter
Copyright 1988 (Abradale Press, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, NY), ISBN: 0-8109-8083-5

While not quite "complete," this book does contain episode summaries and interviews with each cast member except McLean Stevenson. There are also interesting interviews with the producers, editors, writers, etc. Larry Gelbart even wrote a funny introduction featuring a conversation between himself and Sidney Freedman. This book has the best color photos from the show.

Hababy's Christmas Eve by Jamie and Joy Farr
Copyright 2003 (Publish America, Frederick, MD), ISBN: 1592864864

Children's book written by Jamie Farr and his wife Joy about Hababy, a young camel, and his friends Ali the horse, Rebecca the sheep, and Adeeb the goat. Father Habeebee tells the children a story of long ago, including something for each child -- something about a horse for Ali, a lamb for Rebecca, a goat for Adeeb and camels for Hababy.

Just Farr Fun by Jamie Farr (with Robert Blair Kaiser)
Copyright 1994 (Eubanks/Donzetti, Clearwater, FL) ISBN: 0-9640775-0-7

Jamie Farr's autobiography which includes some of his experiences on M*A*S*H and some photos of him in other roles.

The Last Days of M*A*S*H by Alan and Arlene Alda
Copyright 1983 (Unicorn Pub. House, Verona, N.J.), ISBN: 0-88101-008-1

This book chronicles the final week of filming of the series. It's full of photos by Arlene with commentary by both Arlene and Alan. Alan Alda also goes into some detail about the storyboarding for "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen." It also includes letters and telegrams to the cast, newspaper clippings, and cartoon clippings regarding the final episode.

Laughing Matters : On Writing Mash, Tootsie, Oh, God!, and a Few Other Funny Things by Larry Gelbart
Copyright 1998 (Random House), ISBN: 0-679-42945-X

These are the memoirs of Larry Gelbart, the co-creator of the M*A*S*H TV series and the writer of several of its episodes. As the book's title indicates, his many achievements also include writing the scripts for the hit movies Tootsie and Oh, God! The book also includes a preface by Alan Alda.

MASH by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger)
Original Copyright 1968 (William Morrow & Company, Inc., New York)
Copyright 1969 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-42244-8

The book that started it all. It focuses on three doctors at MASH 4077: Trapper John MacIntyre, Hawkeye Pierce, and Duke Forrest. Of course it also features a depressed dentist (Walt Waldowski) who threatens to commit suicide, a company clerk (Radar) with ESP, and a pompous head nurse (Hot Lips) among others.

M*A*S*H, a one-act play by Tim Kelly
Copyright 1973(?) (The Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, IL), ISBN: 0-87129-382-X

This one-act play is based on the original novel by Richard Hooker. It was written for a cast of eleven men and eleven women, featuring many of the characters from the book with some additions.

M*A*S*H, a play by Tim Kelly
Copyright 1973(?)

This full length play is based on the original novel by Richard Hooker.

MASH Goes to Hollywood by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Apr. 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-80408-1

"Those antiseptic angels of mercy, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Hot Lips do their outrageous best to get a state trooper into medical school --- even if it means conning him into acting in a soap opera! Aided by an improbable cast of characters that includes the world's greatest opera singer, assorted soap-opera stars and producers, and a sexy biologist who doesn't want to act, the gang of medics unleash a whirlwind of madness."

MASH Goes to Las Vegas by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Jan. 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-80265-8

A large group of people including Boris, Horsey with the Knights of Columbus Marching Band, Hot Lips and the GILIAFCC choir, Hawkeye, and Trapper gather for a prenuptial bash for Radar and Kristina. The planned intimate wedding at Nero's Villa turns into chaos before Dago Red finally marries the couple.

MASH Goes to London by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright June 1975 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-78941-4

"M*A*S*H does it again. Only this time in Merry Old England -- and the cast of characters includes an opera singer, an orphaned Duke, a castlekeeper, an oil baron, and the entire Bayou Perdu Counci, K. of C. -- to name a few!"

MASH Goes to Maine by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger)
Original Copyright Feb. 1972 (William Morrow & Company, Inc., New York)
Copyright Jan. 1973 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-78254-1

Returning home from the war, Hawkeye, Trapper, Duke and Spearchucker meet the "Maniacs" in Spruce Harbor, Maine. They are basically the Maine equivalent to the nuts at MASH 4077. They include Dr. Moore, who holds office hours on the golf course, and Ben Simmons, a lobsterman who is seeing the minister's wife. At the end they all gather for the opening of the Finest Kind Fish Market and Medical Clinic and Trapper and Lucinda's wedding.

MASH Goes to Miami by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Sep. 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-80705-6

Hot Lips also travels to Miami to present Dona Antoinet a with a "holy" relic in return for a financial endowment to her nursing school. Dona Antoinetta is a nearly fifty year old spinster lady who had fallen in her youth and frequently confessed her sin to an understanding priest. Dago Red and Walt Waldowski both run into Boris who decides to have an impromptu reunion of friends from the 4077th including Hawkeye and Trapper.

MASH Goes to Montreal by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright June 1977 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-80910-5

"Hawkeye and Trapper assume unlikely roles as 'fathers of the bride' --- and U.S.-Canadian relations may never be the same! To Montreal they escort a motley party, determined to celebrate the most memorable wedding that ever joined a lovesick couple."

MASH Goes to Morocco by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Jan. 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-80264-4

"Hawkeye, Trapper, and Hot Lips --- with the misguided connivance of the U.S. State Dept. --- descend on Merry Morocco. Abetted by a royal prince, a drunken sheikh, a ravishing blonde diplomat, and a wacked-out cast of international misfits, the fun-loving medics unleash their own zany brand of chaos on the unsuspecting Arabs."

MASH Goes to Moscow by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Sept. 1977 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-80911-3

Russia's Chairman stakes his prestige on being able to get Boris to sing at the Bolshoi; however, Boris refuses. The only ones who may be able to persuade Boris to change his mind are Hawkeye and Trapper, who try to do so with the help of the world's ugliest movie star, the world's messiest anchorman, and the world's shortest and randiest Arab sheikh.

MASH Goes to New Orleans by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Jan. 1975 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-78490-0

"The whole M*A*S*H gang --- Hawkeye, Trapper, Hot Lips and the rest --- hit New Orleans to attend the American Tonsil, Adenoid and Vas Deferens Society convention. But that's just the beginning."

MASH Goes to Paris by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Jan. 1975 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-78491-9

The whole gang travels to Paris on Air Force One so that many of them can be given medals by the French government. By order of the government, Henry brings Hawkeye and Trapper along to keep Horsey and the others in line.

MASH Goes to San Francisco by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Nov. 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-80786-2

As Hawkeye and Trapper travel on a misguided mission of mercy, Boris befriends a poor balalaika player, and Hot Lips meets up with Major Burns. "The ensuing pandemonium turns the Golden Gate City upside down in one of the merriest escapades ever to involve the mad medics from M*A*S*H!"

MASH Goes to Texas by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright Feb. 1977 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-80892-3

Esther Flanagan, escorted by Hawkeye and Trapper, travels to Dallas for the Saints-Cowboys football game. They meet up with Hot Lips and Horsey and later meet a cast of characters including an Indian with his millionaire cowboy friend and a group driving in a lavender van.

MASH Goes to Vienna by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger) with William E. Butterworth
Copyright June 1976 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 671-80458-8

"Doffing their surgical greens, those irrepressible practitioners of the cutting art -- Hawkeye and Trapper John -- descend on unwary Vienna. Inspired by such cronies as Hot Lips, Boris Korsky-Rimsakov, and the ebullient Dowager Duchess of Folkestone -- and with the memorable assistance from some boob-tube celebrities -- they indulge in merry mayhem and blackmail. At least one U.S. Senator and two TV personalities -- to say nothing of Vienna -- will never be the same."

MASH Mania by Richard Hooker (Richard Hornberger)
Original Copyright 1977 (Dodd, Mead, and Co., New York)
Copyright 1979 (Pocket Books, New York), ISBN: 0-671-82178-4

Including himself in the cast of characters, Dr. Hooker wrote this book from the first person point of view. The Swampmen are back in Spruce Harbor, Maine causing trouble as usual. Their antics include a pland to send a 40 year old lobsterman to medical school on a football scholarship and having a bear and an 80 year old physician tried for rape.

M*A*S*H: The Exclusive, Inside Story of T.V.'s Most Popular Show by David S. Reiss
Copyright 1980, 1983 (Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc., New York), ISBN: 0-672-52762-6

This book has interviews with every cast member and the three producers. It also has episode summaries and a foreword by Alan Alda. The summaries aren't as detailed as Kalter's book, but Reiss also includes the guest stars, writers, and directors for each episode. Reiss's interviews are also more in-depth. Although the pictures are all black & white, many of them are off-camera photos. The 1983 edition contains some material about "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen."

M*A*S*H: The First Five Years by Jed Clauss
Copyright 1977 (Aeonian Press, Inc., Mattituck, NY), ISBN: 0884111970

Basically an episode guide for the first 5 years of the show, this book also includes a picture of each cast member except David Ogden Stiers (he joined later). In the back it lists the awards that the show won from 1972-77.

M*A*S*H: The Official Quiz Manual by Paul Bertling
Copyright 1984 (Plume), ISBN: 0-452-25505-8

M*A*S*H Trivia: The Unofficial Quiz Book by George St. John
Copyright 1983 (Bell Publishing Company), ISBN: 0-517-43618-3

M*A*S*H Trivia: The Unofficial Quiz Book [a different version?] by George St. John
Copyright 1983 (Warner Books), ISBN: 0-446-32000-5

Mixed Blessing by William and Barbara Christopher
Copyright 1989 (Abingdon Press, Nashville), ISBN: 0-687-27084-7

This book, written by William Christopher and Barbara, his wife, is about raising a child with autism.

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed : And Other Things I've Learned by Alan Alda
Copyright September 20, 2005 (Random House), ISBN: 1400064090

Memoirs written by Alan Alda.

The Secrets of the M*A*S*H Mess: The Lost Recipes of Private Igor by Jeff Maxwell
Copyright 1997 (Cumberland House, Nashville), ISBN: 1-888952-41-5

This book has a lot of real recipes with comedic names such as "Meatball Surgery Meatballs." Throughout the book there are some good pictures and quotes from the show. It also includes a story which details Maxwell's acting career. There are some good behind-the-scenes pictures too.

The Ultimate M*A*S*H Quiz Book: Brain Busters from the T.V. Series by Kevin John
Copyright 1983 (Amereon Ltd.), ISBN: 0891907475

Watching M.A.S.H, Watching America: A Social History of the 1972-1983 Television Series: With an Episode Guide by James H. Wittebols
Hardcover: Copyright 1998 (McFarland & Company, Jefferson, NC), ISBN: 0786404574
Softcover: Copyright 2003 (McFarland & Company, Jefferson, NC), ISBN: 0786417013

This book explores how the TV show reflected the society in which it was created.