MASH Moments

Is there a moment in M*A*S*H history you would like to see an image of? Email me with a description of whatever moment you would like to see on this page. Give me an idea of the scene including the episode title (or a storyline description), the character(s) you would like in the picture, and the dialogue lines said. These images are great for wallpaper, screen savers, etc. New M*A*S*H Moments are posted from time to time. After you send in a request, check back here in a month or so or watch in "What's New" for when this page is updated. Due to the amount of time I have to work on this site, requests sometime take up to several months.

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"Carry On, Hawkeye," season 2

Almost everyone in the camp except Hawkeye, Margaret and Radar comes down with the flu. Hawkeye works overtime and even has Radar scrub up to assist Margaret in surgery. Eventually Hawkeye comes down with the flu and rests in post-op after finishing with his patients. Henry presents him with a signed toilet paper roll and Radar comes along saying he's prescribed bed rest for Hawkeye. Radar goes to check Hawkeye's pulse only to discover he has no watch to measure the time.

Requested by Amy

"The M*A*S*H Olympics," season 6

After it becomes clear that most of the personnel are out of shape, Col. Potter comes up with an idea to get everyone to exercise with some incentive - an Olympic competition for R&R. Margaret was on B.J.'s team and gave everyone a "pep talk" inbetween games.

Requested by Lola

"Your Hit Parade," season 6

To help keep people's mind off the war, Klinger and Radar setup a record player to broadcast across the camp. Radar is uncomfortable being the DJ at first, but then becomes "Big Daddy O'Reilly".

Requested by Paula

"None Like It Hot," season 7

A heat wave hits the 4077th but Hawkeye gets a well-timed gift from home - a bathtub. Hawkeye and B.J. manage to keep it a secret for a little while, but soon lines of people form to enjoy the cool tub.

Requested by Amy

"Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye," season 10

The 4077th wanted a new water heater and the Army would give them one... if they did something to spruce up the camp. Klinger led a team which put in a small park-like area and Margaret added the final touch - a bedpan fountain.

Requested by anonymous

"Dear Dad," season 1

Hawkeye saw Frank and Margaret walking in the compound and stopped them so he could give Margaret her Christmas gift - a kiss.

Requested by Judy

"Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen," season 11

B.J. said he didn't like goodbyes. As Hawkeye was getting into his chopper for home, B.J. said he left him a note just in case they don't meet up back in the States. When the chopper rose above the ground, Hawkeye smiled as he saw the "goodbye" written out in stones.

Requested by Julie

"Welcome to Korea," season 4

Frank and Margaret had high hopes and plans for B.J. when they read his file. When he arrived at the camp, those hopes were dashed as he stumbled drunkenly out of the jeep, addressing Frank as "ferret face".

Requested by Cathy

"Letters" season 9

When Hawkeye mentioned a teacher back home was having her class send letters to them, Charles put down the idea at first. A couple letters later, he opened one from a girl who talked about fall back home and included a leaf.

Requested by Maureen

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