Part 3 by Rob Morris

As he slipped out of Potter's office, Henry Blake saw Radar hard at work, as usual. Whatever personality conflicts the camp had, all of them liked Walter O'Reilly, and looked out for his well-being. It was actually Major Houlihan, seemingly no friend of the boy's, who suggested that Klinger's glider escape attempt be punished with helping the overwhelmed clerk out. Oddly, just having real work to do seemed to take the edge off of Klinger's nuttiness. But Sherm and Henry always had their eye on that bird. Radar saw Henry, and acknowledged him.

"Hey, Colonel. Is the Colonel Colonel givin' it to Hawkeye bad? Geez, I hope not."

"Well, Radar, he's not givin' it to him good. See, Pierce has to defy authority - its all he knows. But all Potter knows is being authority. Now, Hawkeye is no knee-jerk rebel, and Sherman is no tyrant. They both just want an understanding. What that understanding might be, though ---I have no idea."

Radar nodded.

"Well, its kinda good ta know I'm not the only one as feels that way. Think they'll ever get along?"

Henry began to depart for Post-Op.

"Hope springs eternal, Radar. Or maybe this all is their way of getting along."

As Henry went to speak to the doctors in Post-Op, Klinger walked in with some completed reports.

"Here you go, kid."

"Wow! Klinger, these are almost legible."

Max smiled broadly.

"Hey, I can only improve. Anything for me in the mail?"

"Uh, just this package."

Klinger looked excited, and ran off with his treasure. In the Corpmens' tent, he unwrapped a large wedding dress.

"Ok, Colonels. He who can't get out -- will be thrown out. 'Here Comes The Bride'---"

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