Part 9 by G.P.F. Sugul

"Well, Colonel Potter, this isn't what it looks like," said Henry nervously.

"What is it then?" asked Potter

"Well, you see, Colonel, I didn't, well I mean that..."

Father Mulcahy cut in: "He didn't tie up the Major, Colonel Potter, I did!"

"Padre!! Why did you do that?"

"Colonel Potter, no offense, but I think that I'd rather confess my sins to another man of the cloth."

"Very well, Father, There's a new M*A*S*H unit they just set up, I'll have Radar give them a ring."

All of the sudden, Radar appeared at Potter's side.

"I just called the 703rd, Colonel, sir; they don't have a priest, just a minister. I told them to send him over."

Later that night, as Hawkeye stumbled his way back from the Officers' Club, a jeep pulled into the compound, and a rather attractive lady stepped out.

"Well hello there,"said Hawkeye, "Never seen you here before, how about we check out the supply tent together."

"I think that I should tell you who I am: my name is Minister Sally Johnson."

To Be Continued....By Another Author

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