Author Disclaimer: MASH is not about superheroes, and Justice League is not about medics keeping from going mad. These stories are goofy fun. Please read them as such.

J*L*A* - He Strikes Again

by Rob Morris

Luthor stood at the Legion Of Doom's podium. Since they were kids in SmallCove, Maine, Superman had somehow always gotten the better of him. Made him look foolish.

"He even dropped garbage on my best robots!"

But now, as Grodd set up the worldwide signal, and Sinestro prepared to power it, and the other members knocked out all other transmission sources, Luthor swore he would have his revenge. Sweet revenge.

"No mass hypnotism. No subliminal messages, or transforming waves, Superman. Just the deadly power of information."

It had all been so simple. Bypass all the usual suspects, and really look for someone who matched what he needed to find. The other members had, each in their own ways, confirmed that he had not been bamboozled or taken in. Not that Lex Luthor was an easy man to fool.

The broadcast began.

"Attention, people of Earth! I, Lex Luthor, have come on the air to reveal the secret identities of the J*L*A*, starting with my arch-nemesis! Superman's real name is...."

He grinned, not knowing that a watching Hawkeye Kent and Trapper Hal Jordan were grinning even more widely.

".....Jonathan Tuttle!"

The End