Author Disclaimer: MASH is not about superheroes, and Justice League is not about medics keeping from going mad. These stories are goofy fun. Please read them as such.

"J*L*A* - Truth, Justice, and Consequences"

by Rob Morris

Prologue - One Idol, Fallen From The Sky

BJ Hunnicutt, the third man to call himself Green Lantern, and the second in J*L*A* history, read the charges, his voice a mixture of salt and fury.

"Defendant's known names are : Kal-El of Krypton; Benjamin Franklin Kent, also known as 'Hawkeye'; To the majority of the residents of this planet, though, he is known as---Superman. Does the Defense Counselor have everything she needs, that we may proceed?"

Princess Margaret, lately Margaret Kent, and as always, Wonder Woman, shook her head.

"No, Mister Prosecutor. We do not. You are hopelessly biased in this matter. We move that a non-serving member of this team, or a retired member of the J*S*A*, take your place."

Almost casually, BJ shook his head no.

"Request denied. I'm what you get--along with whatever else you have coming."

Superman raised his hand. When he received no acknowledgement, he spoke anyway.

"I have a request. Beej, you as Prosecutor, Frank as Judge--well, aren't you forgetting the Kangaroo? I mean, if you're going for farce--go all out!"

Green Lantern gritted his teeth, and formed a giant boxing-glove. But when he fired it, Kent merely brushed it away--a reminder that he was there voluntarily.

"Hawkeye, this isn't a joke. In case you've forgotten--you're charged with Murder In The First Degree."

Hawkeye felt his own rage rise.

"One--I've entered a plea of Not Guilty. Two---the 'victim' was a known suicidal risk. Three--his death occurred after I saved one Erin Hunnicutt!"

"One-You're not hiding behind my little girl. Two--You have failed to explain your version of the events of that night. Three - An enemy you hated, Winslow Newsome, a member of this team before we found out what he was, lies dead, and you were the only metahuman about when he was killed."

Superman kept his cool.

"No matter what Winslow had become, after his breakdown--and by the way, he had become a child-murderer--I did NOT kill The Toyman."

Batman at the judge's post laughed.

"Record says differently, pal."

BJ walked away to begin his case. Wonder Woman looked at Superman, and he nodded at her in return.

"A lot of help you were."

Better than any, she knew the quips were a mask. But this time, if he was found guilty---they wouldn't help him.


"You sure you don't want a donut, Nick?"

"Hey, no thanks, Schanke. Gotta go."

"Eh. His usual charming self."

"Nick? Where do you think you're going? My new serum, based on your old hair clippings...."

"Cannot restore the dead to life, Natalie. I appreciate it, though. I have business-- with the J*L*A*. Nicholas

Knight must vanish for a few days."

"Why? What's Up on The Satellite O'Love?"

"Not love at all--but a gross miscarriage of justice--one that requires the presence- of The Spectre."

With that, as his woman cried, the cop who had died over 60 years before in a mob shootout vanished. In his place was an eerie vision in green and white. A deadly Angel out for justice--or vengeance. He floated out through the walls as a dead thing might.

"Superman lies--but he did not kill. I will know The Truth."

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