"Sam--Hawkeye--my parents were your foster parents. Sherm says that he never had reason to cross-reference all the DNA samples before. I was born in 74', not long after they---left you."

Superman and Captain Marvel gave their unknown foster sister a series of hugs and kisses, but all three had their questions, now reopened for the Kent twins. Who were their parents, really? And why did they leave? For now, though, Peg addressed the floor one more time, to ask a question.

The answer was a resounding yes.

The little hero spoke.

"Do you hate me?"

Hippolyta 'Lyta' Kent shook her head.

"No. Neither do Tabitha or Adam. We were just upset. Sides which, we're all cousins now. Want to swim at the North Pole?"

Before Erin could answer, the kids were summoned in to the meeting area. A thousand questions lingered as to the Scotts/Kents/Hayden mystery, but for now, a more joyous event awaited.

"As ChairBeing, let me welcome our kinder-guests as they meet the newest member of The Justice League----"

Wearing a white bodysuit with a green gemstone on the center was Peg Hunnicutt, who swooped in and scooped up her delighted daughter.


On monitor duty, Hawkwoman smiled upon all this while her hubby made them a sandwich.

"Anything up, Soonlia doll?"

"Nothing much, Klingar. Just another day in the J*L*A*."

The former hero stood over Erin's unused bed, and grinned an evil grin.

"Do you hate me, you little wretch? Because my hate will last through all eternity! You killed me, Erin. You will never know a night's rest for this."

The angry ghost of Winslow Newsome heard the radio spring to life. The song playing was by Elton John.

"Holy Moses, I Have Been Remove; I Have Seen The Spectre; He Has Been Here Too;"

The song stopped, and Toyman turned, feeling the room grow cold. Standing behind him was Nicholas Knight.

"Winslow--your parents are waiting for you. Things will be just like they always were. You will be with them--forever."

"Spectre, please....I'll repent!"

Knight gestured, and the floor opened beneath the murderer's ghost. Hell took its own, as it always did.

"They usually do...when it is far too late."

As he fell ever steeper, Newsome cried out in agony.

"Please---I'm a super-hero!"

A yellow, horned beast stared at him, enjoying his pain.

"You A Hero? More I Think A Zero. But there are no mistakes, here, Hero, Barbie or Ken---your soul belongs to ETRIGAN!!"

Eventually, Newsome's soul joined that of the parents that had created him, in more ways than one. Such is Hell.

The hero spoke.

"Do you hate me?"

Hawkeye Kent shrugged at Batman, now that everyone else was gone.

"Frank, you and me have been doing this good cop-bad cop thing for so long, I'm just amazed at the passion you still put into it. You almost fooled me at times. But the old agreement holds--we keep each other honest through a public feud. But in here, we're the Best Team Anywhere."

Batman nodded.

"I'm sorry to say I have no new leads on Jordan's whereabouts. I'm still trying to get them to un-fence Gotham."

"You'll do both, Frank. I know you will."

Burns smiled.

"Of course I will, Kent. I'm The Batman."

He then vanished. Hawkeye looked around.

"Someday, I'm gonna find out how he does that."


The hero spoke.

"Do you hate me?"

Nathalie Lambert shook her head.

"I shouldn't whine so much. You date The Archangel Of Vengeance, you keep TV dinners at the ready. So how is the man in the red and blue suit doing?"

Nick smiled.

"He is The Champion Of Life, and The Greatest Hero Of Them All. He is Superman, leader of the greatest collection of legends ever assembled : The Justice League Of America."

With that, God's Chosen Avenger took in a steak dinner and a movie in the company of a lady he had finally decided to show exactly how much he cared. Some heroes had taught him to appreciate those around him, and it was a lesson he would never forget.


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