"Remember the Love,"

by Susannah Davy

     It was a warm spring day. There hadn't been any casualties for days, so everyone was relaxing. Hawkeye and BJ were having a game of basketball in the compound. It was Hawkeye's turn to shoot, but he stood there swaying slightly, looking at the net. Then he rolled his eyes towards the back of his head and collapsed to the ground. BJ ran over, checked his breathing and pulse. He then shouted for a corpsman to help him get Hawkeye into Pre-op.

     BJ called to Charles who rushed over at the sight of his injured bunkmate. "Whatever is the matter with him?" inquired Charles. "I don't know. One minute he was shooting some baskets, then he just keeled over!" BJ replied, his hands shaking involuntarily.

     They took loads of tests, but still couldn't figure out what happened. Nurse Baker approached them."You better come quick!" "Hawkeye?" questioned BJ timidly. "Yes, he's going into shock!" was her blunt answer.

     Charles ran over, while BJ stood there staring into space. Charles took control and applied a cardiac massage and ventilated him. Hawkeye then fell in to a coma. Everyone heard about it and were anxious for good news.

     Margaret was keeping a close eye on Hawkeye. As she sat by his bed, BJ came up. "How is he?" BJ inquired. She could tell how worried BJ was, the look in his eyes was that of dread and terror.

     She spoke to him gently. "He's about the same. I think you should get some sleep...staying awake 'till the war's over won't help him!" She placed her arm around his waist and walked with him back to the Swamp. They said goodnight and BJ laid down on his cot, still staring in to space with his eyes filled with terror.

     Margaret decided to tell Hawkeye's dad. "Can you place a call to Dr. Daniel Pierce please, Corporal?" Radar was puzzled. "Hawkeye's dad?" "Yes Corporal." She wasn't quite sure how to tell him. How do you tell someone that their son's in a coma, without getting them too worried?

     By the time Radar got through, she had decided what to say. She explained his condition and how it happened while trying to sound optimistic. A tear rolled down her cheek, for she cared more than she let on about him. When she ended the call she ran out so that Radar couldn't tell she was crying!

     BJ was the only other person who knew exactly what had occured a month ago. They were travelling to another unit to show their new arterial transplant. Shells started falling all around them, so they took shelter in an abandoned hut. Although they were arguing they still were glad that they were together. Margaret was deeply troubled by a letter from her husband. He had sent her a letter addresssed to another woman! Emotions were playing havoc, trying to escape. During a shelling of the hut they felt for one another. Margaret was so scared, Hawkeye embraced her and they kissed, a long and passionate kiss! He was there for her, easing her pain and filling her empty heart.

     Never would she forget that evening. Wondering if he was going to survive, she could only pray to relive that evening! To end the pain, her heart felt tonight.

     For days there was no change, Margaret sat by him as often as she could. It was Sunday and everyone turned up for services. Father Mulcahy said a prayer for Hawkeye, everyone joined in and hoped it would come true, that Hawkeye would soon be walking around making jokes. That was what they misssed the most, nothing seemed to make sense anymore!

     In the afternoon Margaret was in the middle of giving Hawkeye a sponge bath,when he started shaking violently. "Doctor, quick!" cried Margaret.BJ rushed over and asked her to get him into the O.R. He was in critical condition,his heart was fibrillating.In the O.R. BJ was frantically trying to pump his chest,sweat was running off his brow,but he kept pumping." It's no good, I need to stop fibrillation! Margaret, go get that defibrillation machine we made before." "Are you sure we should?" "Look, the first time I tried it, it worked-anyway it's his only chance, and I am not giving up on him!" BJ said firmly. So Margaret rushed off and came back in a minute with the machine. "Here you go doctor." "Thanks, now remember stand back.OK...turn it on!" Hawkeye's body lifted off the table with the shock. BJ felt his heart...the suspense killing Margaret as she waited for him to say something." A steady pulse, I don't believe it, he's alive again!!" BJ started screaming for joy, Margaret sutchered the incision and cleaned up Hawkeye. They wheeled him into Post-op. BJ got out of his surgical gown and gloves and ran all over the compound, shouting the good news.

     Margaret was anxciously sitting by his bed. Hawkeye started stirring, then he opened his eyes and looked around. A smile spread across Margaret's face as he looked at her." Where am I? What happened?" questioned Hawkeye slowly. "You were in a coma, but don't worry, BJ fixed you up good as new!" Margaret said, still smiling. She then kissed him on the forehead. Hawkeye sat up now, a smile came across his face and he said, "Could I have something to eat, I'm starving!" Margaret was so happy, and told him she would go get him something.

     By Tuesday morning Hawkeye was allowed out of post-op and willingly returned to the Swamp. The first thing BJ said to him after he sat down on his cot was:" God I missed you!" and hugged him!

     Everyone was so relieved, they threw a huge party, and I'm sure everyone thanked God that night-for saving Hawkeye!