Part 10 by Becky

Hawkeye couldn't believe it, the fact that he was going to be a father. Frank was also in astonishment as if the fact that Margaret was married to Hawkeye wasn't enough.

"Congratulations Hawk," said Trapper as he hugged Hawkeye, "looks like things are finally going to work out after all." "Hey where'd Margeret go?" "Looks like she went to talk to the other nurses," replied Hawkeye.

After Frank got over the shock of finding out that Margaret was pregnant and the fact that Hawkeye had already broken his nose Frank was livid. Suddenly Frank got up and jumped on Hawkeye and knocked him to the ground hitting him repeatedly, Hawkeye was trying hard to protect himself but it was of no use as Frank repeatedly hit him to unconsciousness, suddenly pulled out a knife and proceeded in stabbing him in the chest.

Trapper and B.J. ran over as fast as they could but they were too late for Hawk had already endured injury. "Quick call the paramedics!!!" Trapper cried. Just then Margeret ran over, "Oh my god what happened, is he going to be all right?" "No time to explain right now looks like we don't know anything until we get to the hospital" said Trapper. Just then Frank took off and B.J grabbed him, "You're not getting away" and he handed him over to security.

As the paramedics showed up they saw the condition Hawkeye was in. "He's going to need a ton of blood," one of them stated. "I'm going with them," Margaret insisted, but Trapper convinced her to let him drive her there.

At the Hospital...

Trapper and B.J helped Margaret into the hospital "Could you tell us which room Benjaimin Pierce is in?" B.J asked. "Are you friends or family?" the hospital administator asked, "this is his wife," Trapper answered. "Okay, he's in Intensive care room #532."

When they reached the room they saw a very battered Hawkeye with tubes coming from what seemed every part of his body. Aside from the bruises on his face he seemed very pale and weak. Margaret burst into tears, "Why him," Margaret asked them,"He never did anything he just wanted to have a normal life with a family and now this!" Just then a nurse walked in. "How is he?" B.J asked "It's still hard to tell they fixed him up as best they could but only time can tell now the next 48 hours are critical."

Margaret went over and sat beside him holding his lifeless hand as tight as she could, "come on Ben you gotta make it." Just then Potter came in the room, "come here Margaret you're not doing any good here."

The next day the whole gang was in the waiting room waiting to hear any news about Hawkeye's condition. Just then a doctor came to talk to them. "Mrs. Pierce?" "Yes," Margaret answered. "I have some bad news Benjamin has just slipped into a coma." "Oh my god!" Magret screamed as she started to cry, Trapper went over and sat beside her and put his arm around her. "Now chances are he will probably come out of this it's just a matter of when, it may be 2 days it may be 2 years we don't know, so I suggest you go home and get some rest and we will notify you." "No! I'm staying right here he wouldn't leave me." "Margaret come on we'll stay with you at the house and help with things okay?" "Alright."

3 months passed and there was still no change from Hawkeye. Just then as they were watching TV there was a call. "Hello" said Margaret. "Hello Mrs. Pierce?" a voice said. "Yes" "this is County General calling we have some news about your husband," "What is it?" inquisited Margaret. "He has woken up from his coma." "I'll be right there." "Who was that?" asked Trappper. "It was the hospital Ben's awake!"

When they got to the hospital they saw a very pale Hawkeye who was obviously disoriented. "Where is my wife!" He screamed. Margaret couldn't believe it, it had been so long since she had heard his voice. "Hawk," Margaret said. "Margaret come here!" Margaret ran as fast as she could and she kissed Hawkeye, "You came back to me,"she whispered. "Well I wouldn't leave without saying good bye," he said smiling slyly.

"Looks like you're a little bit bigger," Hawkeye said to Margaret, "How long was I out, last thing I remember was Frank jumping on me." "Well honey it's been 3 months." "Then I guess we have a lot of catching up to do," he smiled slyly.

Months had passed and Margaret finally had the baby. As the word spread everyone came down to Crabapple Cove to visit them. "You have some visitors," a nurse said, "send them in."Hawkeye replied. Just then the whole gang crowded the room. "So what do we have here?" Trapper asked. "It was a boy," Margaret answered. "What ya going to name him?" Radar asked. "Well I think we're going to name him after his father, Benjaimin Franklin Pierce." "That sounds perfect," Potter said. "Things couldn't get any better," Hawkeye said.

The End

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