Crabapple Cove, Maine
Christmas Eve, 1963

"So Hawk, what's the big Pierce Christmas surprise this year?"

"Well Beej... if you really want to know you are just going to have to wait for dinner."


"What is it sweetie?"

"Hi Uncle B.J., Daddy when can I open my presents?''

"Tomorrow morning, but if you can stay up until midnight I'll give you a special one from me, but you can't tell Mommy, and for the rest you have to wait for Santa Clause."

"Okay Daddy!"

"Now go get ready for dinner Betsy."

Little Elizabeth Pierce ran down the hall singing "Jingle Bells" at the top of her lungs when Margaret announced that dinner was ready. Everyone sat in the Pierce's dining room enjoying the meal the women prepared and no one had noticed the flirtatious behavior between Mildred Potter and Daniel Pierce. This Christmas has been even more special to everyone because Lorraine Blake had finally decided to come and bring the children, it wasn't the first time Lorraine had been with her late husbands friends every July she would make it to the big parties. She seemed to be enjoying herself. While everyone chatted no one seemed to hear the conversation between Daniel and Mildred.

"Listen Mildred, I know it has only been a few months but we don't have months to waste. So I'm asking you will you marry me?"

"Well, Sherman always wanted me to be happy, so yes, I will marry you Daniel Pierce."

After Mildred accepted Daniel's proposal, he stood to make an announcement.

"I want to make an announcement, Mildred and I are getting married."

"Wow! Dad that's terrific!"

"Well I guess I should ask for your acceptance."

"Well then you've got it. You deserve to be happy and I shouldn't stop it."

With that the two Pierce men embraced and no sooner than that evening Daniel and Mildred were married.

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