McIntyre Home, Boston, Massachusetts
June 1969

"John! John! Look at this!" Louise McIntyre said handing her husband the letter from the federal government.

"It's for Henry."

"I know, look at the envelope."

"Oh god, don't tell me."

"It's not is it?"

"I sure hope not, where is Henry?"

"He's outside cutting the grass."

"Where is Becky?"

"She is working on a tan."

"Is Kathy coming tonight for dinner?"

"Yes, she and Jay are bringing the kids too."

"Alright, well get Becky and Henry in here."

"Kids, Come on in!"

Becky and Henry came in and sat at the kitchen table.

"Henry, this came in the mail for you."

"What is it?"

"Open it."

"I've been drafted!"

With those words Louise and Becky McIntyre began to cry.

"Listen, Mom, Dad, Becky, it's okay I'm going to fight for my country. This is something I want to do, not for me, but for America. Dad you always said you named me after a fine American and I intend to live up to that name, Henry Blake McIntyre."

A few weeks later Henry McIntyre left for basic training and by the fall he was in Vietnam fighting for the country he loved.

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