Disclaimer: The musical mentioned in this section belong to Rodgers and Hammerstien and their musical "South Pacific, " as well as the songs mentioned in this story and the characters."

Crabapple Cove, Maine
May 1970

"...Once you have found her never let her go!" Hawkeye sang in his best Emile DeBeck impression grabbing Margaret around her waist spinning her around the kitchen.

Margaret squealed in delight as she and her husband chased each other around the kitchen. When Hawkeye caught Margaret they were oblivious to their son, who was standing in the doorframe rolling his eyes."

"How disgusting do the two of you realize you're not fifteen again?"

"You know B.J. your getting more cocky everyday."

"Thanks Dad, its just that I can't walk into any room in this house without seeing you and mom all kissy face and the Grandpa and Grandma playing doctor when they think that no one else is home, and another thing why do we have to go see Elizabeth perform again?"

"B.J. your little sister is the star."

"I know Mom, she's the star again."


"I'm sorry Mom, I'm sorry Dad, and I'm just a little frustrated that's all."

"I understand, now are we ready to go, I'm excited, "South Pacific" is my favorite musical and my little girl is Nelly Forbush, Come on Dad, Ma!"

Margaret and Hawkeye were the last to exit and on they're way out Hawkeye bent down and whispered in Margaret's ear,

"Why don't we play a little doctor later on tonight?"

"Well doctor...I think I'm over due for a physical," Margaret said seductively to her husband.

The Pierce family went to see Elizabeth in "South Pacific." She was terrific. Hawkeye was beaming at the site of his baby singing her heart out to "Cock- Eyed Optimist" and "Honey Bun" to name a few, he was so proud, well he always was. He knew the reason B.J. was so frustrated, B.J. was upset because Elizabeth got so much attention. She was like her father always performing, and B.J. was more like laid back; well not always he was more like his mother. Hawk and Margaret let them know how much they loved them every chance they got, and each other as well.

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