O'Reilly Farm, Ottumwa, Iowa
July 27, 1973

The former members of the 4077th MASH all came to the O'Reilly farm for their annual celebration of the day the armistice was signed. Everyone was outside enjoying each other's company. It had been twenty years since armistice was put into effect. No one could believe it had been that long or how everyone's lives had turned out. Colonel Potter was gone and his beloved Mildred was now Hawkeye's stepmother. Charles had become a caring and compassionate human being, not to mention, he was godfather to Hawkeye and Margaret's daughter, and he'd become a good friend to all. Hawk and Margaret were married with two children and still acted like sweethearts. B.J.'s life hadn't changed at all; he was still the devoted family man, but with two children now. Klinger was now a successful designer of women's fashion. Trapper had certainly changed his womanizing ways, and stayed true to the love of his life, Louise. Radar had grown up a lot, and Sidney hadn't changed he was still the wise- cracking psychiatrist. Fr. Mulcahy was no longer a father of that nature but a father to his twin Korean boys, and a wonderful husband to Gail. Lorraine Blake even managed to move on and remarry a life long friend from Bloomington, but still held onto her adopted family from the 4077th. From what everyone heard, Frank Burns hadn't changed a bit he was still crazy as a bed bug practicing malpractice, and still gaga over Margaret. It's nice to know something's change for the good and others don't change at all.

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