Crabapple Cove, Maine
August 27, 1973

"Margaret, do you realize we've been married twenty years?"

"I know it's hard to believe, that two people as young as we are have two children and are celebrating our twentieth anniversary."

"Listen, Dad and Ma took Betsy to Martha's Vineyard for her birthday and we dropped B.J. off at West Point last week, the house is all ours, well at least for the weekend. I have dinner reservations for the two of us at the Surf & Turf."

"Let me go change I'll be down in ten minutes tops."

Margaret ran upstairs and changed into a slinky black cocktail dress and a pair of sexy black stiletto sandals. She fixed her make-up and put her hair up in a French twist. When she finished dressing, she walked down stairs to meet her husband who was wearing a black tux.

"Wow! Margaret, you look as sexy as you did the night of our honeymoon."

"Well thank you and you the same, good-looking."

"Shall we go we have reservations at nine?"


The two walked out of the house arm and arm to a white stretch limo that leaves Margaret speechless.

"You limo awaits my darling."

The couple got into the limo and were chauffeured around town. They had dinner at the Surf & Turf, and retired home after a night of dancing. After they returned home they opened a bottle of Japanese scotch, talked and did the same thing they did the first time they shared that Japanese scotch the night in that abandoned hut.

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