Crabapple Cove, Maine
Christmas Eve, 1977

"Father! B.J. proposed to me!"

"Did he? And what did you say Whitney?"


"That's wonderful, Whitney."


"Charles, I approve you should too."

"Well, Congratulations."

"Thank you Father."

At the other end of the Pierce house Elizabeth Pierce was announcing her engagement to Ben Hunnicutt and talking about the movie she was working on.

"Congratulations to both Elizabeth and Ben, B.J. and Whitney and also to Andrew and Erin," announced John Mulcahy.

"Erin and Andrew?" asked Margaret.

"The Doctors Blake are expecting their first child next summer."

"Congratulations!" shouted everyone.

"Ha, Grandpa Beej!" laughed Hawkeye.

"Yup, and soon we'll be sharing grandchildren Grandpa Hawk," retorted B.J.

"Not till after my next movie is completed," exclaimed Elizabeth

"So what is this movie about?" asked B.J.

"Well, I play Claire Riverside a famous actress whom is terminally ill. It's called "When She Looked Into the Mirror."

"I'm so proud," stated her father.

"Well does anyone else have any joyous news they would like to share?" asked the former priest.

"I do," said Charles Emerson Winchester IV.

"Go ahead tell us Charles."

" I proposed to Ms. Rebecca O'Reilly and she said yes!"

"Well Charles you know what that means."

"What Hawkeye?"

"You and Radar will be in-laws."

"You know Charles I'm looking forward to spending summers with the family on the Cape."

"Well Radar, it's a shame I won't be there, so have fun."

"Patti I'm ecstatic!"

"So am I Isabella, and you can tell Walter is; how about you Charles?"

"Thrilled, Thrilled... to the bone."

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