Studio 54, New York City
April 30, 1978

The city was alive with the nightlife. Limos stretched down the street. Cameras flashed as celebrities walked the red satin carpet. People stood in line as the moonlight spilled their shadows out into the street. Inside the club music played. The mirror ball hanging from the ceiling splashed color through out the club. In the club, disco music that was played loudly could be heard from outside the club. The bartenders were muscularly built and wore only a pair of tight jeans and a smile. The dancers looked like closely placed figurines inside a doll house.

Elizabeth Pierce, Erin Blake, Rebecca O'Reilly and Whitney Winchester were all enjoying themselves in the infamous Studio 54. Elizabeth had no trouble getting herself and her friends into the club, considering she was a beautiful young celebrity.

"Well girls I hope you all are taking this in. In a few days I will be Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Hunnicutt."

"Its a shame the rest of the girls couldn't come out with us."

"I know isn't Becky."

"It is its a pity they don't know what they are missing," said Whitney.

"Your not kidding Whit!" said Erin Blake who was four months pregnant and still enjoying herself.

"Well girls you do know after we leave tonight we have to take the train back to Boston tonight and stay there, then we'll have to get up tomorrow morning and take the next train to Maine to prepare for the wedding. When we arrive everyone else should be arriving too."

The girls danced the night away. They did the "Hustle" with a bunch of stars and had drinks on the house. After their night of partying and dancing the girls left Studio 54 at two and took the first train to Boston and stayed with the Winchesters. The next morning they all boarded the first train to Maine, for the upcoming nuptials.

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