Ottumwa, Iowa
June 15, 1978

The wedding of Charles Emerson Winchester IV and Rebecca O'Reilly was a small country wedding. Their wedding was held outdoors, on a beautiful June morning. The sun was bright, and there was a sweet breeze that blew through the air. Neither one wanted a big affair, just a small wedding with both of their families and friends. The reception was held on the lawn of the O'Reilly farm and everyone dinned on food prepared by Patti. There was dancing and plenty of conversation. Both the wedding and reception were beautiful, the two wrote their own vows and pledged their eternal devotion for one another. After the reception Charles paid for a honeymoon to Paris, the only extravagant thing about their special day. They wanted to keep it plain and simple simply because neither of them wanted the weddings their parents wanted them to have. The two didn't want to have the black- tie affair Elizabeth had or the wedding Whitney was going to have next month. They wanted something different but beautiful and intimate. That they did.

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