Winchester Home, Boston, Massachusetts
July 25, 1978

"Charles put on your tuxedo!"

"Isabella, darling, the wedding isn't until seven pm, right now it is only two pm."

"You only have five hours to get ready."

"Wrong, I have an hour to get ready, the photographer is coming at three isn't he?"

"Oh my goodness, Charles why didn't you remind me?"

"I just did."

"Whitney doesn't even have her dress on."

"How long does it take to put on a gown? Five minutes?"

"WHITNEY! START GETTING DRESSED!" Isabella yelled upstairs. "Charles, she has a one-hundred foot train, about one-hundred and fifty buttons up the back, and not to mention twenty-five layers of crinoline under a hoop."


"Now do you see why we're pressed for time?"

"Yes, well I guess I will be going to put on my tuxedo now."

Charles Emerson Winchester left his living room and changed into his tux. Whitney was ready five minutes before the photographer arrived. Her bridesmaids all had black strapless gowns and long black satin gloves and held bouquets of white roses. Whitney was stunning in her spaghetti strap wedding gown with one-hundred and fifty buttons made of diamonds down her back. She wore an exquisite half a million-dollar tear- drop diamond necklace. She also long white satin gloves and held a bouquet of white and black roses in her hands. Isabella wore a dark pink ball gown and Margaret wore a matching dark blue won. Hawk, the groomsmen and the groom all wore the same tux as Charles. The wedding was held at the Winchester's Presbyterian church and the reception was at the country club the Winchester's belonged to on Cape Cod.

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