Crabapple Cove, Maine
Christmas Eve, 1978

This Christmas was one of great surprises. Everyone had a surprise of some sort, but the most surprises came from the brand newlyweds. Rebecca, Whitney, and Elizabeth were all expecting and even Erin and Andrew were having another one. Charles announced he had composed a symphony, but hadn't had it produced yet. Radar had come into money, when Patti bought a lottery ticket that happened to be the winning ticket, they won one million dollars. B.J. and Peg moved to Crabapple Cove, and B.J. worked at the hospital in Spruce Harbor as their new Chief of General Surgery. Elizabeth had another movie deal. Klinger opened five new clothing stores in New York, L.A., Chicago, Dallas and Boston. They had all heard Frank Burns is now the governor of the state of Indiana, how that happened, no one could figure out. Trapper now had five grandchildren and he and Louise were very happy. He was also promoted to Chief of Pediatrics at Boston Mercy. John and Gail Mulcahy announced that they had adopted three more children. Lorraine Blake even had some news; she announced that she and her husband were founding a memorial hospital in Bloomington to honor Henry's memory. This Christmas sure made the season jolly and gave the New Year tons to look forward too.

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