Baltimore, Maryland
June 1980

Hawkeye and Margaret were in Baltimore attending a medical seminar at the world-renowned John Hopkins Hospital. After the seminar the two walked around Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

"Well, what should we do on our first night here in Charm City?"

"Lets eat I'm famished?"


"B.J. told me about this wonderful little restaurant called Caesar's Den in Little Italy. He said the food is to die for."

"Lets go then."

The couple walked over the bridge to Little Italy, and to Caesar's Den. The two walked into the restaurant and Margaret noticed a familiar face.

"Ben look."


"Over there."

"We'll I'll be is that who I think it is?"


"Let's go say hi."

"No, no," Margaret said trying to stop her husband from going over to the man and his wife sitting at the table in the corner.

"Margaret, it'll be fine, we'll say hello and go sit down at our table."

"I sure hope so."

"Well hello there Frank."

"Margaret," whispered Frank, ignoring Hawkeye.

"Hello Frank, and you must be Louise."


"I remember you from your brief appearance at our wedding."

"Margaret, I can't apologize enough for his behavior."

"Oh we're used to Frank's behavior."

"Oh, can it Pierce!"

"It's nice to see you too Frank," Hawkeye said sarcastically.

"Oh nertz to you."

"Frank, behave."

"Yes, Louise. Margaret I've missed you. Do you think we could get together for old times sake?"

"Old times sake Frank? If I weren't a lady I'd hit you."

"Well I'm not, so watch your mouth Frank."

"Dr. Pierce your table is ready," said the hostess.

"Thank you we'll be right there. Well Frank, I thought you'd like to know it was my idea to come and say hi to you, and you make a pass at my wife. I thought maybe you would have grown up, but I guess you haven't. Louise it was nice seeing you again. Well we have a table waiting for us."

"I'm sorry Louise."

"It's alright Margaret, and I'm sorry too."

Hawkeye and Margaret walked to their table and sat down. The entire time the two were eating Frank couldn't stop staring at them. His eyes were filled with envy as he watched his former mistress and arch-enemy enjoying themselves. After they left the restaurant Hawk and Margaret took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city, and acted as though they were tow love birds falling in love with each other all over again.

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