Hollywood, California
December 1982

"This is Gail Healy on the set of "Infamous" in sunny Hollywood, California with the star of the upcoming movie Elizabeth Hunnicutt. So Elizabeth how does it feel to be back to work after an almost four year furlough?"

"It feels great! I'm glad to be back."

"You look great."

"Thank you."

"Tell me how does it feel to be a mother of four children and how do you maintain that perfect figure?"

"It's amazing, the kids are great. I miss them terribly right now; they are staying in Maine with my parents during the holiday. I'll be leaving tomorrow with my husband Ben to join them for Christmas and stay through the New Year. And to answer your second question, after having four children I'm very happy with the way I look. I exercise daily and eat heart- healthy meals. As you all my know I had heart surgery when I was eleven to repair a small hole in my heart so I've always had to watch my diet, and it helped having a doctor for a father and a nurse for a mother, and now a doctor for a husband, and I'm also an advocate for the American Heart Association."

"That is inspiring to us all. Now tell me about "Infamous" your new movie."

"I play Valerie Schaech, a wealthy socialite who becomes seduced by the glitz and glamour of the 1970's disco. Eventually she makes some wrong decisions in her life involving those close to her, and it all becomes too much for her to handle, and turns to pills and liquor for comfort."

"Wow what a fantastic role for you to return to the silver screen. And for when is the release date set."

"It is set for the end of September of this coming year."

"Well we look forward to seeing it in theatres, but before we go there are rumors circulating that you have been approached to do a pilot for an upcoming television show, what can you tell us?'

"Yes, I have been approached. The script is brilliant, and I'm not entitled to discuss the plot, characters, etc. I'm not sure I'm going to commit of that extent at this point in my life. I have my family to consider, I'm not under any pressure from the producers or studio to make a decision. They have asked me to read over it and just take my time and think about it, and that is just what I am going to do."

"Well good luck to you, and we all look forward to any of your future projects. And thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk with us today."

"Thank you for having me it was my pleasure."

"This is Gina Healy in Hollywood for Entertainment Tonight, now back to you Mary and John in the studio."

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