Crabapple Cove
August 27, 1953

"I've got you under my skin, deep in the heart of me..." sung Trapper John McIntyre as he stood in front of the mirror adjusting his bow tie.

"Just Margaret and me and baby makes three we're happy in my blue heaven," sung an overjoyed Hawkeye Pierce.

"Hawk don't you think your jumping the gun a little?"

"Its just a song Beej, besides it will hopefully become a reality this time next year."

"Planning that far ahead are you Pierce?"

"Why yes Charles I am?"

"And baby makes three?"

"I would love to have children but just not now."

Changing the uncomfortable subject Charles pulls a bottle from his bag," Ah look what I have here, Cognac." Charles hands the men three other men champagne glasses from the nearby cabinet keeping one for himself.

"I'd like to propose a toast to the three best friend I've ever had, I know I've never told you that before but if it weren't for you, Pierce and Hunnicutt and of course also Margaret I don't know how I would have ever survived in Korea. And to you and Margaret may the two of you have many wonderful and prosperous years together.

"Here! Here!." said the fours men in unison, as they raised their glasses and drank to the toast.

The porch running around along the rooms in the back of the house had a white satin carpet leading from the last room on the left down the wide staircase down the sidewalk to the white gazebo. Both the gazebo and railing were decorated with white roses and pink ribbons. It was a warm sunny day in Maine and the lawn was set up for the afternoon nuptials with white wooden folding chair, at the other end of the lawn thee were tables seated for twelve with white table clothes and pretty pink and white floral arrangements in the center, the head table had a white table cloth with pink and white rose petals scattered on it.

"Look Marie, if you touch that gown one more time your going to be glad you new brother-in-law is a surgeon!"

"Margaret you can stop being Major Houlihan for one day!"

"Mom, if you could so kindly do me a favor and keep me from killing her!"

"Oh Margaret."

"Mary would you bring my gown over here and lie it in a puddle for me?"

Mary brings the gown to Margaret and does exactly what she requested. Margaret steps in the dress and Peg zips her up. Just then there is a knock at the door.

"Margaret, are you ready? Its time to go."

"Come on in Dad."

Colonel Alvin "Howitzer Houlihan walks in and becomes misty- eyed at the sight of his eldest daughter."

"Well, my solider are you ready?"

"I'm ready Daddy."

the bridal party began to line up, then men assembled with Fr. Mulcahy, then Daniel escorted Mrs. Houlihan in and they went to their respected sides, just then Erin Hunnicutt who wore a fancy little white dress, and a pink and white flower crown in her hair was escorted by Henry McIntyre as she dropped pink and white rose petals that matched the bridesmaids dresses on the endless white carpet, she was followed by Marie, then Mary, and finally Peg, the matron of honor. As soon as everyone reached their respected sides of the altar the congregation stood up as Margaret Houlihan appeared from the last door on the left who walked in sync with the bridal march down the porch and then down the stair to meet her father, to give her away. The two walked down the isle and Margaret noticed a teary- eyed Colonel Potter who had become another father to her those last two years in Korea. When they reached the gazebo her father lifted her vail and kissed her on the cheek and handed her over to Hawkeye. Fr. Mulcahy began the ceremony and stopped when he said, "Does anyone here have reason why these two should not be married? Speak now or forever hold your peace." At that precise moment all eyes turned to Frank's empty chair.

"Well if there are no objections I now pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss the bride."

When he said that Hawkeye kissed his new bride just like he kissed her the first time they had kissed, their first Christmas in Korea.

Now everyone was seated and enjoying their meals while B.J. clinked his glass to give a toast.

"Well I always knew someday I would be toasting Hawkeye Pierce and Margaret Houlihan at their wedding. I wasn't the least bit surprised when I received the phone call from Hawk asking me to be the best man at his upcoming wedding to none other than Margaret Houlihan. It reminds me of the time Hawk and Margaret went to the 8063rd to demonstrate the arterial transplant they had developed. Well when they came back, they weren't too happy with one another and well Hawk said something Margaret didn't like and she walled off and hit him. I mean she hit him hard but anyway later on that night Hawk and I were sitting in the Swamp discussing what had just happened and Hawk admitted that she had stirred something in him. Well anyway here's to Hawk and Margaret, two of the best friends I 've ever had and I hope the two of you have many wonderful years together."

Everyone applauded and drank to the toast, but their applause was interrupted by a familiar whiny voice.

"Well would you look at that 'My Margaret' marrying Hawkeye Pierce. I love you Margaret run away with me please, " whined Frank Burns.

At that moment a mousy woman came around the side of the house from the front with a disgusted looks on her face.

"Frank! Francis Marion Burns! I'll leave you now if you don't come around this corner and get back in the car now!"

"No Louise don't leave me, I can't live without you, your my strength Louise."

"Well if you say so, now lets go!"

"Am I still in your father's will?"

"Yes, now come on!"

"See ya Ferret Face!" Hawkeye, B.J., Trapper, and Margaret all said in unison.

After the little disruption the reception went on as planned. Hawk and Margaret danced their first dance as a couple to ''Unforgettable" and Margaret danced to "Daddy's Little Girl" with her father. Of course Hawk and his new bride showed everyone up on the dance floor doing the Lindy. The Dr. and Mrs. Pierce disappeared for a short time to change into their outfits for their honeymoon to Niagara Falls, Canada. When the reappeared Margaret wore a white jacket and skirt and in her hands she held a replica of her bouquet of white and pink roses and Hawkeye wore a white suit.

"Throw the bouquet!" hollered one of Margaret's unmarried cousins.

She threw the bouquet and was surprised to see Isabella Winthrop, Charles' girlfriend, holding the bouquet. After the bouquet was caught the newlyweds walked around front while their guests followed and got into a brand new red Chevrolet Corvette, Hawk's wedding present to Margaret. The two waved goodbye to their guests and drove off into the sunset.

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