Disclaimer: I know it might get a bit confusing with everyone's children so here is whom they all belong to.

Erin and Andrew Blake: Blake/ Hunnicutt Grandchildren
David Michael- 1978
Anna Clarice- 1979
Rebecca Lorraine- 1980
Robert Henry- 1981
Gregory Philip- 1982

Ben and Elizabeth Hunnicutt: Hunnicutt/ Pierce Grandchildren
Daniel Benjamin- 1979
Christina Elizabeth- 1980
Joshua Franklin- 1981
Ella Margaret- 1982

B.J. and Whitney Pierce: Pierce/ Winchester Grandchildren
Annabelle Winthrop- 1979
Benjamin Franklin Pierce III- 1980
David Charles- 1981
Maria Whitney- 1982
Anthony Patrick- 1983
Christopher James- 1984

Charles and Rebecca Winchester: Winchester/ O'Reilly Grandchildren
Charles Emerson Winchester V- 1979
Patrick Michael- 1980
Eleanor Louise- 1981
Eugene Bartholomew- 1982
Clara Rebecca- 1983

Henry and Elizabeth McIntyre: McIntyre/ Pierce Grandchildren
Blake Francis Xavier- 1986
Audrey Jane- 1987

Crabapple Cove, Maine
May 1988

Margaret and Peg sat with their grandchildren, Daniel, Christina, Joshua, Ella, Blake, and Audrey waiting at a cafe in town for their husbands to join them after their game of golf. The two always had fun together, and enjoyed spending time with their grandkids. They were having such a wonderful time Margaret hadn't noticed the rather sickly woman walk into the cafe, but the woman immediately noticed Margaret and walked over to her.


"Hello Carlye how have you been?"

"I've been well, thank you."

"That's good."

"I see you everyday with Hawk and I see how truly happy the two of you are. You know I've changed a lot, and I see have you really haven't changed at all well except your hair color is it's natural honey brown and you look about twenty years younger, probably due to the work you've had done."

As Carlye said that Margaret became extremely self- conscious touching her hair and her face and then she retorted, "Be that as it may, I'm glad to hear you've changed and I hope you're happy."

"I remarried thirty years ago, and I have five wonderful children, and eight grandchildren. I see you have a few yourself."

"These are our daughter's children. Our son B.J. also has six."

"Wow! You must be really proud; well I just wanted to say hi. And though it's taken me years to realize this, but I'm glad the two of you have found happiness with each other. I only wish the best for you two. It was nice seeing you."

"Goodbye Carlye and thank you."

"Goodbye Margaret and tell Hawk I said Goodbye."

With that Carlye Breslyin Peterson walked out of the cafe with her carryout order in hand and went home to her family. Knowing she was dying she wanted to make her peace. She had succumbed to the cancer later the night.

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