Crabapple Cove, Maine
January 17, 1996

Daniel James Pierce was the last one left. His wife passed a year ago. Jane and Alvin Houlihan had died a few earlier, and he was it. It wasn't too late into the New Year when it happened. It was January 17, 1996 when Dr. Daniel J. Pierce passed away of natural causes, peacefully in his sleep at the home he built with his late wife Elizabeth. The home where he watched his son grow into a mischievous adolescent, who left for Korea an immature young doctor and to return a changed man with the love of his life. The home where he would watch his son take a bride and marry her in their backyard. The home in which every Christmas would be filled with surprises and his son and daughter- in- law's family from Korea. He even considered them to be his family as well. The home where he would remarry and where he would watch his grandchildren Elizabeth and B.J. grow up before his eyes into established young adults. The home where he played with his great-grandchildren and the home, which would become his final resting place.

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