Hunnicutt Home, Mill Valley, California
August 27, 1955

The Hunnicutt's were hosting a two week long party for their friends from the 4077th. B.J. Hunnicutt thought it was a miracle that Hawkeye and Margaret made it being that she was going to have the baby any day now. Everyone was outside having themselves a good time, even Margaret being incredibly miserable in her condition. She was sitting on the lawn at the waters edge sipping lemonade watching Erin Hunnicutt play with her baby brother Ben and B.J. Pierce, Margaret took in the beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay."

"Look B.J. Isn't it pretty?"

"Look what I can do Aunt Margaret!" Erin Hunnicutt exclaimed as she did a summersault in the grass.

"Wow! That's really good!"

Just then Margaret let out a scream, and Hawkeye came running over followed by B.J., Trapper, and Charles. At that moment Hawkeye could tell his wife was obviously in labor, and was too far along to get to a hospital because she had let her contractions go to far before letting out that final scream of pain.

"Beej, can you watch B.J.?"

"Yea, sure Hawk."

"Ben? Why can't I ever give birth at home?"

"Here would you three help me lift her? Margaret its just our luck that's all your in the best of hands."

The three men ran over and took Margaret upstairs and lay her in a on a bed in one of the spare bedrooms. Peg helped with what she could, but mostly she watched her kids and B.J. After hours in labor Margaret gave birth to a six- pound, five- ounce baby girl. Margaret lay in the bed while Hawkeye sat there holding her hand, this was something he had missed when B.J. was born, he had missed the opportunity to see his son born because of some dumb nurse. This definitely made him feel closer to his brand new baby girl.

"Well Ben what should we name her?"

"How about Elizabeth, after my mom and Margaret Jane, after her mother."

"Elizabeth Margaret Jane Pierce, it's beautiful Ben."

"Well she's got your lips alright"

"Your hair and your eyes."

"She is so beautiful."

"She sure is."

"Well Should I go to tell everyone?"

"Yea, but be quick and bring B.J. in to meet his baby sister."

"I love you so much Margaret."

"An I love you with all my heart Ben."

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