BJ walked into the supply room and there was Margaret with her back to him counting supplies. "Excuse me Major, need some help?"

Margaret jumped, startled by the familiar voice. She looked at the tall figure standing in the doorway. She couldn't believe her eyes. "BJ!" She walked up to him and gave him a hug. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be on your way home."

"It's a long story. Right now, I'm hear to help you with the inventory." BJ smiled.

"Great, I could use the help." Margaret was glad to see him. Next to Hawkeye, BJ was her closest friend. They began counting supplies and BJ told her the story about how had ended up there.

"Check his temperature every 15 minutes and if the fever gets any higher, let me know." Hawkeye handed the chart back to Nurse Kelley and returned to the post-op desk.

"Hawkeye, things are pretty quiet in here. I think I'm going to go ahead and get some sleep."

"Sure Colonel, no problem." Hawkeye put down the chart he was looking at and turned toward the Colonel.

"Keep an eye on Markson. He's running a low-grade fever. It might be secondary infection."

"No problem Colonel. You gets some rest. I can handle this." He stood up and walked toward the door with the Colonel. "Besides BJ should be back here soon."

"Good night." The Colonel walked out of post-op and Hawkeye returned to the desk and tried looking through patient charts but he couldn't concentrate. All he could think about was Margaret. He hadn't seen her yet but he knew that he would. It was a small camp and he couldn't avoid her forever. His thoughts were interrupted by Nurse Kelley.

"Captain Pierce."

Hawkeye got up and walked to were she was standing. "What is it Kelley?"

"It's Lieutenant Markson. His fever is up to 103."

"How are his vitals?"

"Pulse is 120 and BP is 145 over 60". Kelley handed him the chart.

Hawkeye sat down next to the bed. "How ya doing, Markson?"

"Not too good, sir." Markson had beads of sweat on his face. "I've got cold chills real bad and my stomach hurts."

Hawkeye looked at the chart. "I'm not surprised. According to your chart it looks like you swallowed a tank." Hawkeye grinned. "Didn't anyone tell you that too much iron in your diet is not good for you?"

"Well you know how army food is." Markson started to laugh but it hurt and he groaned slightly and shivered.

"Well, the chills are from the fever. You probably have a slight secondary infection."

"Am I going to be, alright?"

"You're going to be just fine." Hawkeye reassured him. "We're going to give you some penicillin to help with the infection." Hawkeye stood up and made some notes on Markson's chart. "You take it easy and I'll check on you in a little while."

"Yes sir." Markson smiled and closed his eyes.

Hawkeye and Kelley walked back to the desk. "Draw some blood and do a white count and get him started on penicillin, usual dosage."

"Yes, doctor." Kelley left to get the penicillin.

Hawkeye returned to the desk. He tried to continue his paperwork but it was no use. All he could think about was Margaret and the fact that she was just across the compound. He wondered what she and BJ were talking about.

Back in the supply room BJ and Margaret were inventorying the supplies and BJ was finishing his story about how he had been sent back there. "And then imagine my surprise when I walked into the Colonel's office and saw Hawkeye sitting there." BJ started laughing.

"Hawkeye's here?" Margaret said. The butterflies fluttered in her stomach and made her nauseous.

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