"Captain Pierce over her." Another nurse called.

Hawkeye rushed to where a nurse was kneeling over a wounded soldier. He knelt down and lifted the bandage off the soldier's stomach. "He's got a belly full of shrapnel. Okay, get him into post-op, Stat." He got up and moved to another soldier. "This one took it right in the chest. I need a liter here. Get this man to O.R. I'll take him first. BJ, what have you got?" He walked to where BJ was standing.

"Mostly superficial. Nurse, get this man to post-op. I'll bandage his leg there. What have you got?"

"I've got a bad chest wound and a belly wound. Can you take the belly?"

"Sure, let's get scrubbed." And they walked into the building.

It was dark outside when BJ, Margaret and Hawkeye walked out of O.R. They were all exhausted. "What time is it?" Margaret asked as she stretched her arm above her head.

"It's midnight. We were only in there 7 hours but it feels like we were in there for 17.

"7 hours, that's all." She was surprised she was this exhausted after such a short O.R. session.

"Why don't we all go back to the Swamp and finish off that bottle of wine Margaret brought?" Hawkeye suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Margaret agreed. "BJ, what about you?"

"Lead the way." He followed Hawkeye and Margaret to the Swamp.

They talked and laughed for hours. Reminiscing about all the good times that had had together.

"I'll never forget that time you put BJ in the nurses quarters without any clothes and then had them make that fake incoming wounded announcement." Margaret laughed hysterically.

"What about that time Klinger jumped in the bathtub with you." BJ pointed to Margaret. "I don't think I have ever seen you move so fast." They all laughed.

"Oh my God. That was so embarrassing." She looked at Hawkeye. "Well, this has been fun but it's getting late." She stood up. "I'm going to go take a shower and then I am going to get some sleep." She kissed Hawkeye and left.

BJ looked at Hawkeye who was staring at the closed door. "Well?" BJ said.

"Well what?" Hawkeye smiled innocently.

"What happened?"

"She loves me." He smiled. "Beej, how can I ever thank you? If it hadn't been for you this would have never happened."

"It was Margaret's plan, I just helped." BJ tried to pass it off as if it was no big deal.

"No, she told me about your conversation in the supply room. She said that it was you and your little speech that helped her to make her decided to tell me." Hawkeye smiled and held up his glass to make a toast. "To BJ Hunnicutt. The best friend a guy could have."

BJ raised his glass and touched it to Hawkeye's then they both drank. "Now if you will excuse me." Hawkeye got up. "I think I will take a walk."

"Should I wait up?" BJ knew the answer.

Hawkeye just looked at him and smiled. Then he walked out of the swamp and went to find Margaret.

BJ leaned back on his bunk and stared at the roof of the tent. He was happy for Hawkeye and Margaret but at the same time he was a little sad. He started thinking about Peg and Erin. He missed them so much. He rolled over and picked up a pen and a pad of paper and wrote a letter to Peg. BJ told her all about being sent to the 8063rd and he told her about Hawkeye and Margaret finally getting together. After he finished his letter he rolled over and went to sleep.

Hawkeye walked to Margaret's tent.

Margaret was sitting in front of her mirror brushing her hair when Hawkeye knocked on her door. "Who is it?" She got up and moved to the door.

"It's Hawkeye, can I come in?"

"Of course." She opened the door to let him in. "What are you doing here? I figured you would be asleep by now."

"I couldn't sleep with giving you a good night kiss." He took her in his arms and kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around him as he pulled her close to him and their kiss deepened. He let her go and started to walk toward the door. "Don't go." She grabbed his arm and he turned around. "Please stay." She led him over to her bed. She sat down and looked up.

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