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A Missing Scene From the Episode "C*A*V*E"

by Chrissie

After the shelling stopped and Margaret and Hawkeye finished the surgery on their single patient the two retired to the Swamp for a drink.

"How are you?" asked Hawkeye.

"I'm fine!" Margaret answered in her usual Major Houlihan tone.

"I know you are!" Hawkeye said with a bit of mischief in his voice.

"Captain Pierce!"

"Margaret, I know when something's bothering you."

"Do you remember that night we spent together in that abandoned hut?"

"How could I forget?"

"Well I often wonder what would of happened if..."

"If what happened?"

"Never mind, I'm sorry, I can't talk about it."

"Margaret, I'm sorry about what happened, the way I acted."

"You should be I poured my heart out and you stomped on it!"

"Margaret, I love you."


"I love you, I was afraid to admit it then because your marriage was failing and you seemed so vulnerable at that time. I didn't want to see either of us hurt. I love you, that is all that should matter."

"And I love you!"

The two kissed and returned to Post-Op to check on their patient, to be found the next morning asleep there. After that night they shared their fears and their feelings, something they would never hide from each other again.

The End