M*A*S*H - After the war
Back Together

by Iris

Author's note: I don't own the characters of M*A*S*H. I just love the show and I love to write, so I combined that. This is my second M*A*S*H-story but the other one is too long to be set on the fan fiction page (hell, this one isn't short either.) One character, Jan Mei McIntyre (no, she's not related to Trapper), is my creation. She originally is from story No.1 but I explained her relations to the M*A*S*H guys briefly in here. If you have questions about her or comments on my story please send me an e-mail (pierce_bj@yahoo.com). I really hope you like and understand my story. I'm from Germany and it took me a lot of work to write it in English. But I think I did a good job (if you don't then to hell with you!). ...but now, enjoy my story.

It was a hot day in April but as usual there was fog over the Golden Gate Bridge. Jan Mei was happy that she wasn't in San Francisco right now. In Sausalito on the other side of the bridge it seemed always to be a couple of degrees warmer. The sun was shining bright.

It was the year of 1957, Jan Mei just turned 21 and that was a special day for her. This time she didn't celebrate it as usual with her friends in San Diego. This time she met a special friend in Sausalito. B.J. Hunnicutt was in his early 30ies, had brown hair and blue eyes. She couldn't stop smiling at him, she was so happy seeing him again.

They were sitting on the terrace of a small cafe and talked about the horrible but also nice time she had shared with him and the other members of the 4077th MASH in Korea four years ago.

Jan Mei McIntyre, born in South Korea, now lived with her American father in San Diego on the Navy base. Her mother died four years ago during the Korean War in a bomb-raid. She herself got hurt and was send to MASH 4077 where she stayed a couple of days and became friends with the officers.

"Did you ever really believe that we will meet again after I left the MASH?" the blond girl asked.

"Honestly, no, not so soon. But just as you have written in the letter to the 4077 the whole gang was sure to see you again one day." B.J. answered and sipped on his milkshake. "I have to admit that the first letter I received from you really surprised me. You have never forgotten us, that's what I liked!"

"Yes, and now we both meet the third time after the war. I mean the distance between Frisco and San Diego... that's nothing. It's just too bad I haven't heard much from the others. Hawkeye is the only one who wrote a couple of times but that was a while ago."

"I know. But now they have to answer! It's just a great idea - a reunion. Everybody will like it!"

"Well, I hope so. How about planning everything this evening?"

"Sure but we have time, we don't have to hurry, you won't leave until another week." said B.J. "And now just relax and enjoy your birthday! 21, do you now what that means??? -Drink alcohol in public, gamble in Vegas and watch adult movies - isn't that something?" The young man was grinning and Jan Mei laughed.

"Hey, hey, look who's coming." Jan suddenly shouted and opened her arms. "This can't be my favorite member of the Hunnicutt clan, can it?" She stood up and took a small two-year-old boy, who just reached their table together with his bigger sister and mom, in her arms. B.J. kissed his wife Peggy and his six-year-old daughter Erin. Then all of them had a seat again.

"Did you have fun going shopping?" B.J. asked.

"Yeah, Mike needed a new pair of pants and Erin got new shoes. ...-And this is for you, Jan. Happy birthday!!" Mrs. Hunnicutt handed out a small nicely wrapped gift to the surprised girl.

"Thanks Peg! But you didn't have to..."

"...just open it." The woman demanded.

"Yeah, opn...", squeaked the little boy on her lap.

Jan opened the package. Smiling she held two objects in her hands - a small teddy bear, which reminded her a little bit of Radar, wearing a police uniform and a beautiful key chain that showed the skyline of San Francisco. "Wow, that's great. I love it! Thanks a lot!!"

"The bear is for your car. You have always been looking for something to hang on your rear-view mirror. Now, how about this? It should be your little talisman." explained Peg.

"Yes, you need someone taking care of you while you're out there on the streets chasing the bad guys." Erin added.

They could have sat there for hours but Peggy wanted to drive home to Mill Valley with the kids. She wanted to let alone those two people she loved. The girl just arrived that day, and she knew how much B.J. was looking forward to see her again. So Peg said good-bye, told them to be at home in time for supper and drove away.

B.J. and Jan saw the old blue Buick driving out of town. Then they went for a walk.

"So how's everything going with Ricky?" B.J. asked while they were walking at the bay enjoying the sea-breeze.

"Oh, I think pretty well. We don't see each other that often - he has his job in Las Vegas and I'm on the academy. So it's a little hard but we'll get through it."

"I think you will. Wow, but I still can't believe it. You're going to be a COP! How did you get this idea?"

"Oh, that's simple. One reason was Ricky and the other was that I wanted to help people. And since I could never open up a human body and cut into it, I chose another career." Jan grinned. "And please don't ask me this again. I've already told you a million times. It's enough."

"Okay, okay, I got that one. It's just unusual. Are you the only woman on the academy?"

"No, I have some really nice female colleagues. We still are minority but we can cope with 'our guys'!"

"No doubt about that!"

Jan wanted to change subjects. "Have you heard anything from Hawkeye lately?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, he wrote a couple of months ago. It wasn't much but better than nothing. He seems to like it in Crabapple Cove with his old dad. And the practice is running good. He's also doing some surgical cases at the hospital. Looks like much work."

"You miss him a lot, don't you?"

They stood for a moment in silence and looked at the sea. Finally B.J. lifted his head and answered: "Yes I do. I mean we were more than just bunk mates back in Korea. We knew each other better than our own families. We shared everything - laughter as well as worries. There was one day I remember. I was really homesick, Radar had just gotten home and met my wife and little Erin at the airport. When Peg wrote me that Erin had called him Daddy, I was hurt. I damaged the still and knocked Hawk down. But afterwards I could talk to him, cry on his shoulder and he comforted me... That sounds crazy but he was like the brother I never had."

"That's not crazy at all. I miss him, too and I only had the chance to get to know him for a couple of days. But he was special, he would listen to you and he just was there to comfort you. That's what I loved about him!"

Both had tears in their eyes. They were sitting on a park bench, remembering the time the war had brought to them. Finally they fell into each others arms.

"I haven't heard from him in a while." Jan said thoughtful after a while. "I think there is something wrong. And on the phone a couple of months ago he was so different. Or have you heard his unique laughter since you came back to the States?"

B.J. shook his head. He knew what she was up to. In fact Hawk wasn't the same as before. He didn't dare telling her that that war almost drove him mad.

"What is it Beej?" She looked into the eyes of her friend. "You know more about him..."

B.J. nodded. It was time telling Jan Mei the truth, not only about Hawk's stay at the insane asylum...

B.J. began:"You know, when you stayed at the MASH Hawkeye was strong. He made jokes about everything although he didn't know whether he could use his eyes again or not. You were in the same situation then and he cared about you more than about himself. I've always admired him for getting along with everything so well. Well, with almost everything... It was the 4th of July 1953 and it happened in the bus on the way back to the camp..." He told Jan everything.

"You mean he flipped because of that baby...? Hawkeye...? Man that's hard!" The girl sunk back on the bench. "...He always seemed so....so invulnerable."

B.J. nodded again. "Yeah, but he wasn't. When Sidney send him back to the camp he wasn't the same. ... But he recovered and soon was almost the man he used to be with one exception..."

"What was that?"

"Always when he had to operate on a young kid and he had it in front of him on the table you could see it in his eyes...he was thinking of the baby in the bus. Just for one second. It haunted him."

"And you really think that's the reason why he's acting so strange right now?" Jan was asking, "Four years after the cease-fire. Maybe it's something different, maybe he's just ill..."

"Could be. But it could also be something totally different. Maybe..." B.J. began to grin. Jan didn't understand. "Maybe it's Margaret. Or why isn't a guy like him already married with children? He's still living single in the house with his dad."

"Margaret?!" Jan couldn't behave. She bursted out laughing. "I know she's nice and you told me Hawk and her turned out to be good friends but do you REALLY think...?"

"Who knows..." B.J. raised, took Jan's hand and led her back to the car. "...Man, you should have seen that good-bye kiss between the two. You could have felt the electricity 100 miles away." He laughed.

"Well, I guess, we'll find out sooner or later..." Jan was grinning.

They arrived in Mill Valley at B.J.'s house right in time to eat supper. After B.J. and Peg had brought the kids into their beds to sleep they sat down with Jan in the living room.

"How would you like a nice red wine to celebrate your day?" B.J. suggested.

"Great. As long as it is not from the still." Jan grinned and Peg nodded.

So they sat for a while, talked about anything that came to their minds and laughed. In this situation Jan once more realized how much she loved her friends. They didn't see each other very often but she knew they would be there for her when ever she needed them. At this moment she was as happy as four years ago when she had left Korea and met her father again. She was as happy as she saw Ricky again in the States, the love of her life that she had met in the MASH.

It was about 10 p.m. when Peg stood up. "It's time for me to go to bed." She brushed through Jan's hair and kissed B.J. affectionately. "Don't overdo it. Good Night!"

"Night, Peg." Both answered.

"What do think about doing the reunion July 27th." Jai suggested. "A day to remember."

"Yes, great idea. And we still have a couple of months to get everything worked out." The young doctor said. "We should call everyone first if the date fits with them. We can send the invitations later. What do you think?"

"Yes, sounds good. Are you sure we should do it right here? I was thinking about renting a club or bar where we could really have a party. I have some connections."

"Yes, you can arrange that. We'll do it on a weekend. That means two days. One night we can celebrate and the other day we can do a picnic in our garden. The house and garden are big enough. Maybe someone already has kids and wants to bring them. The small ones can't stay at a bar..." B.J. began dreaming about his friends from the 4077th.

They talked for a long time and fixed everything so far.

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