Hey guys! I wrote this story a long time ago. I actually sent it to Alan Alda - and he actually replied and said he liked it. o_O I guess you can relate to what a thrill that was!

I was going through all my old writings and revising them, and when I came across this one I figured I'd like to share it with the other fans on the site.

So here it is - I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is truly appreciated! Feel free to e-mail me at andrea@azucconi.com.


by Andrea Zucconi

Copyright 1997 / 2005 by Andrea Zucconi.
MASH and all related characters except for Kathy and Danny are Copyright 20th Century Fox.

For Alan Alda I think we'd like each other.
Thank you for sending a letter to a young girl you never met.
She was, is, and always will be extremely grateful for that gesture.

And for Rainer Brandt, the genius of German Synchronizing!


Scene 1: EXT DAY, outside the Swamp. Hawkeye, B.J., Klinger.

I told you, he should've killed that guy in the first place!
Such a slimy creep can't change, it's not possible!

Exactly! How could the sheriff think that guy would keep his word?

Maybe they were that stupid back then!
(he stretches out one arm to critically inspect his freshly painted, burgundy red fingernails)
I mean, shouldn't Westerns show us the life they had back then?

The two others wrinkle their brows.

Baloney! Westerns are there for entertainment.

Hey, maybe someday they're going to make a movie about us!

Yeah, a horror movie!

Or an educational film: How to most effectively
wear out the youth of a nation.

Ah,you're right,you're right.
(he pouts and starts on the other hand)
It was just a thought. Maybe there is a new
Humphrey Bogart slumbering in one of us!

Or a W.C.Fields.

Or Greta Garbo!

Oh, as far as she's concerned, I'd prefer to
have her slumbering next to me!

Both laugh contentedly.

There's no help for some people. Well then, I shall...

Attention! Injury transport!

Hawkeye and B.J. jump up and run around the tent towards the arriving vehicles. Klinger hurriedly closes his little bottle of nail polish and follows them.

Scene 2: EXT DAY, the camp. Everyone.

There are four jeeps. The doctors divide up among the wounded soldiers, look at the injuries and give directions to the nurses and enlisted men. Hawkeye goes over to a blond young man with a face shining with sweat, and clamped teeth. The young soldier's right leg is torn apart so that it is hard to see what among the blood belongs to the uniform and what to the flesh.


A stretcher over here!

An enlisted man follows the order, and together they lift the soldier onto the stretcher.

I'll do him myself!

Someone helps Hawkeye lift the stretcher, and when he looks up, he is close to letting it drop again from surprise. A young girl is staring at him with big eyes, she can't be older than eighteen or nineteen. Her hands and clothes are stained with blood, her face dirty, and her brown hair matted. She is wearing an infantry uniform.

Who the devil are you?!

I'll tell you later! Let's bring him inside!
(tiny pause)
He's my brother!

That way!

Together they carry the stretcher into the OP as fast as they can.

Scene 3: INT DAY, the changing room. Hawkeye, B.J.

Hawkeye, in his surgical clothes, puts on his white cap.

B.J., there's a girl out there.

Nice for you.

She's hardly nineteen. She says one of the boys is her brother.


Hawkeye shrugs and walks through the swinging door into the OP-room.

Scene 4: INT DAY, the OP. Hawkeye, B.J., Charles, Potter, nurses, wounded.

Where is that blond guy with the smore for a leg?

Over there, doctor. It doesn't look good. The leg's been
destroyed by a machine gun. He's lost a lot of blood, and
it got worse when we tried to get the pants off.

(he looks at the injury)
Oh, Gosh.

(gives Hawkeye a worried look)

Do you have any problems, Doctor Pierce?

Shut up, Winchester.

Hawkeye cautiously begins his work.

Scene 5: INT AFTERNOON, the swamp. Hawkeye, B.J.

Hawkeye pushes the door open and slumps onto his bed.

How're you?

(staring at the ceiling)
How's he?

Alright. He's sleeping restlessly, but the leg is in better
shape than it actually should be. You did what you could.
Just as always.

Yeah,just as always.

I talked to the girl, Hawk.

Hawkeye rolls on his back again and closes his eyes.

Oh, no...

Her name is Kathy... She's... pretty astounding. I told her
that you tried everything to save her brother's leg.
She wants to talk to you.

Hawkeye lies motionless for a moment, then slowly stands up.

If it's really necessary.

B.J. looks at him sympathetically and nods. He watches his friend until he is out the door. Then he takes a deep breath and sadly shakes his head.

Scene 6: EXT/INT AFTERNOON, the recovery room. Hawkeye, Kathy, wounded, nurses.

Hawkeye stops in front of the swinging door, and takes a deep breath before he enters. The girl is sitting at her brother's bed and looked at his face. When she hears the sound of the door, she turns but she doesn't get up. Hawkeye goes over to her, and takes a look at the boy, who would never be able to walk normally again.

I'm sorry. I...I wasn't able to save his leg.

He forces himself to look at her. She returns his gaze, but there is no anger in her eyes. Dark, green eyes that are hard to read. But her face shows exhaustion, barely held back. She slowly shakes her head.

I'm sorry too. It must be hard for you, too.

She speaks slowly, as if the side of her that knows the right words has to fight for every word with the side that is angry.

I'm sure you did your best. It's nobody's fault. B.J. told me
you were the best surgeon in the camp. Thank you for operating
on my brother. I just wanted to tell you that.

Thank you.
Did someone show you where the VIP-tent is?

Yes, thanks. Good night,doctor Pierce.

Good night.

He leaves the barracks; ever more slowly than when he came in.

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