Scene 10: INT DAY, the recovery room. Hawkeye, patients, nurses, Kathy.

How's one supposed not to get jealous? I have to work
and you can sleep! So, do what you're told and sleep.

O.K., Doc.

The soldier's eyes close as soon as Hawkeye has gotten up from his bed. Hawkeye throws the syringe he used into a container, when the door opens and Kathy comes in, her eyebrows lifted and slightly shaking her head, in her arms a big box of fresh bandages.

What gave you the creeps?

He offers to help her with the box, but she ignores him and walks to a chest, starting to sort the contents of the box into a drawer. He smiles.

Major Winchester.

Oh, that is creepy! Probably His Greatness has warned you
of the evil individuals that abound in this cesspool of sin!

So he did. He said, I should beware of getting involved
with you in any way, and very precisely listed all your
shortcomings and weaknesses.

So! What did the dear Major tell you about me, then?

She stops what she's doing and looks at him with those unreadable eyes of hers.

He said you were cynical and an alcoholic, and
that you never think about what you do or say, and
that you weren't a good surgeon either.

Hawkeye feels a little sting. That wasn't fair. Not leaving the girl alone wasn't fair.

And you believe him?

She puts the last bandage in its place and closes the drawer. Then she looks at him.

Do you want to know what I really believe?

He nods.

I believe that you didn't have one grey hair when you
came here. I believe, that you are lying awake at night
thinking, and I believe that neither you nor your friends nor
Major Winchester could survive if you didn't have
each other. That is what I believe.

In her eyes, worry has made room for the hope of healing his wounds a bit. She takes the empty box and walks back to the door. Hawkeye watches her go with immense relief.

Scene 11: EXT. LATE EVENING, outside the OP. Hawkeye, B.J., Kathy, others.

Hawkeye pushes open the changing room doors and storms outside, past Kathy, without noticing her.

This is the point where I've really had enough!

Behind him in the door B.J. appears, but stops, one hand stretched out.


He sighs and lets his hand fall by his side, and shakes his head.

What's wrong with him?

He's very tired and hyper, and Charles in his unbelievably
tactless manner just gave him the rest in the OP.

It is only a second before Kathy turns around and follows Hawkeye trudging away. B.J. shakes his head once more and returns into the changing rooms, taking off his suit.

Scene 12: EXT, LATE EVENING; the camp. Hawkeye, Kathy.

Kathy catches up with Hawkeye and makes him stop by simply stepping into his way.

Listen, at the moment I am not in the...

He falls silent when his eyes meet hers. It is sobering to bump into so much calmness. He closes his eyes, lays his head back and deeply breathes the cool evening air.

I'm sorry.

She nods shortly and takes his arm.

Come on. It's getting cold.

They go to the mess tent, enter and sit down on a bench. No one else is there -- the last day

has been a nightmare, and most of the doctors and nurses are only craving for a bed, or maybe the bar.


I'm sorry. I... didn't get any sleep these past twenty-eight
hours, and I'm... a bit easy-to-put-off right now.

Same with me.

I wouldn't call you 'easy-to-put-off'.

No, not anymore I guess. What happened?

It just was a horrible day. The first helicopters came
sometime shortly after we had laid down, and it stayed
like that the whole day. The fights are getting worse with
each passing week now. Today there've been two fighter
planes bombed down, and they came down exactly in the
front line. And Major Winchester picking at me all the
time was the foul icing on the rotten cake!

He angrily pounds his fist on the table. He seeks her eyes, but this time he doesn't find the calmness there that did him so good -- it is an intense, searching look, so deep he can't turn away. But then she looks away.

I wish I could help you. But I can't, and that makes me
mad. Because I don't now how I can prove to you, that
I would give everything to be able to answer your questions.
But they are the same questions I have asked myself very, very
often. And the answers lie too far away, we can't reach them.
Listen, I don't know why we're here, or why there's anyone here
at all. And I don't know either,what this damn war and all that
government-crap is for. But I know what this is.

She points her finger to the ground in a decided gesture and looks at Hawkeye with earnest eyes.

This is life, and people. And the people here are just the
same as anywhere else, and even greater, because they see
that they are standing as humans in life and against life.
You are a wonderful person, Hawkeye -- just as B.J. and Klinger
and many others out there. You are especially wonderful.
I think, with every white hair you'll become a bit wiser.

There is a pause. Kathy folds her hands between her knees and looks down, as if for the first time ever she is not sure of her speech, as if she had never spoken that openly to anyone. Hawkeye is sitting still. The whole time he has looked at her, which she probably hasn't


You're something special, you know.

Then he looks down, too.

There's nothing interesting at all down there!

He sees her smiling, her eyes at the ground. And out of a sudden feeling he simply pulls her to him, she puts her arms around his neck and cuddles her head on his shoulder.

Scene 13: INT. NIGHT, Mess Tent. Hawkeye, Kathy, B.J.

B.J. enters the mess tent in search of Hawkeye. He sees his friend and the girl, in close embrace, peacefully leaning against each other, sitting on a bench.

He opens his mouth to say something, but holds his breath when he realizes that both are sleeping. He raises his brows, shrugs and quietly leaves the mess tent.

But the noise from the door stirs Hawkeye and Kathy, and they wake up. They share a grin, leave the tent, cross the sleeping camp hand in hand. They stop between the 'Swamp' and the VIP-tent.

Good night, Kathy.

He softly squeezes her hand. She squeezes back.

Good night, Hawkeye.

Then they part and go to their respective quarters.

Scene 14: INT. MORNING, The Swamp. Hawkeye, B.J., Charles.

When Hawkeye opens his eyes, he finds himself staring into B.J.'s face, who is lying on his side watching him.

Did you kiss me awake or are you still looking for the right spot?

Come on, Hawk, you know what I want from you!

You know, Beech, she is really something special.
I mean, my God, she's so young, but it was really
great to talk to her! Somehow, when she feels better
I feel better.

Ah, yes. That is something I didn't expect after all,
that they would put me in one tent with a man who
spends his nights with little girls!

Ah, shut up, Charles!

Charles falls silent, takes his towel and soap as proudly as possible, and with a knowing look on his face leaves the tent. B.J. swings from his bed.

Alright you sleeping beauty. Up, or I'll kiss you after all!

No! Please! Medic! Doctor!

Hawkeye writhes in his bed, and they laugh.

Scene 15: INT. DAY, The recovery room. Hawkeye, Danny, nurses, patients.

Hawkeye enters, walks over to Danny's bed and holds out his hand as if in greeting, but grabs the boy's wrist and feels his pulse instead.

Good morning, oh Dannyboy!

Danny's blue eyes are shining at him -- the fever is going down, they don't look half as dull as they did three days ago. He's smiling.

Good morning, Doc.

How are you feeling? The fever is going down,
you will soon be perfectly fine.

Hey, Doc... I think it's great that you're getting along so
well with my sister. It means a lot to her. And to me.

I'd marry her if I could cook!
Danny... about your leg...

I'll never be able to walk normally again, right?

No. I am very sorry.

It's alright. It's not your fault. I'll be ok. I can go
back to the States now, right?


I'll be ok. How long do I have to stay here?

A few days, I guess. Tomorrow we can start teaching
you how to walk. We'll start you off easy, so no high heels
the first day! We'll work our way up to those on Wednesday.

(and then he can smile again)

Scene 16: INT. DAY, Colonel Potter's office. Charles, Potter.

Colonel Potter lifts an eyebrow in slight surprise as Winchester rushes into his office.

Colonel Potter, I have to talk to you!

What makes you think I have time for it?

I'm sorry, Sir, but I think this matter is of utmost importance!

Alright, alright, then go ahead.

We have a minor in the camp, a girl!

Unfortunately, we have a lot of minors in the
camp who are boys, too.

What I mean, Sir, is that this girl is hanging around all
the time with Pierce and Hunnicutt. It's not good for the
moral standards in this camp, having Captain Pierce spending
his nights with little girls, or am I mistaken in that?

Moral standard? Oh, go away, moral standard. I am glad
that the moral state of my head surgeon, and with that the
overall state of his environment, is improved when he can
talk to someone. And if it's his wish to do that at night,
then that's his choice damn it!

Talk? And even if that should be true -- don't
you see that this can not lead to anything good?

Potter rises threateningly.

I don't know, and I won't keep you in here long enough
to give you time to tell me. What's coming out of it can't be
worse than what came out of it when the old Gardner poked
with his finger at the map. You know what, Winchester,
leave Pierce alone, or you'll be in trouble, and what's even
more important: leave me alone, and now out!

Winchester looks at the Colonel in silent rage, and his whole appearance would tell a spectator that some Colonels had already seen a vicious ending, because they ignored the warnings of a Winchester. Then he turns around and marches out, his head held high.

Potter slowly settles down. He sighs, shakes his head and returns to his papers.

Scene 17: INT. DAY, the recovery room. Hawkeye, Kathy, Danny; nurses and patients.

Hawkeye enters the recovery room, swinging a crutch, and calls a cheerful hello to everyone there.

Good morning, Beauty!

He takes Kathy at the waist and whirls her around once. She laughs.

So? And what are you?

The beast, as always.

He steps over to Danny's bed, where the boy is already sitting on the edge.

Ah yes, and here we have the handsome young prince.
How's it going? Ready to leave the darkness and return
to the living?

Alright, Hawkeye.

Well, then let's get going.

Together they help Danny to get up from the bed, and to move around on the stiff leg. After a while it is going quite well.

Come, let's get some fresh air!

Okay. Go on, I'll follow in a minute.

I'll get you something to drink.

She leaves. The two men walk slowly and quietly towards the door.

Thank you. And I mean that.

It's going quite well, isn't it.

It's not just because of the leg, Hawkeye. What's much more
important: Thank you for being Kathy's friend. You make
her happy. I cannot always do that. We...are very different.

She's not your sister is she.

No. I was living next door to her grandparents, with my
grandparents. When they died, Kathy's family offered me
to live with them. I really do love her as if she were
my sister. She... she's a special girl.

So you really always went through everything all alone?

She's seventeen, I am nineteen, so I look after her.
Although there's probably no need for that.

I think there is.

As long as I live, nothing will ever happen to Kathy.

Hawkeye nods. Then he pats the boy's shoulder companionably and holds the door for him.

Voila, the way to freedom is lying before you, Monsieur. This way!

Scene 18: INT. DAY, the mess tent. Everybody.

Danny is sitting at a table, the stiff leg stretched out straight. Next to him are Kathy, Klinger and Mulcahy, engaged in a friendly conversation, when the door opens and Colonel Potter enters, followed by Hawkeye and B.J.

Quiet, please!
(he clears his throat as the room falls silent)
Soldier Whittaker, please rise. Of course you don't have to.

No problem, Sir.

He smiles and stands up. Hawkeye and B.J. step behind the Colonel as he takes a small box from his pocket and opens it.

Soldier Whittaker, with this I ceremoniously award you
the Purple Heart. Such a piece of metal can not replace
your hurt leg, of course - but I hope you will hold it
in honor anyway.

Danny's blue eyes are impenetrable. At this moment, he could've really been Kathy's brother by blood, Hawkeye thinks.

I will, Sir. Thank you,Colonel.

The boy holds a salute as the Colonel fastens the little medal to Danny's jacket. The others burst out in applause and cheers, pat Danny on the shoulder, who puts his arm around Kathy, and everyone laughs and talks again.

You don't by any chance have some space
left in your suitcase for a blind passenger?

The Colonel threatens him with his finger.

You wouldn't leave your wardrobe behind would you!

A man without accessories is only half a man.

Alright, I guess I wouldn't. But I had to try, didn't I!

You're getting on very well with that stiff leg, Dannyboy.

It's okay. And at home I'll buy me a first class cane!

With a silver knob!

Careful, we don't want him to get mugged!

The noise of a car is coming from outside.

Ah, there's the jeep. Well, before the poor driver
grows old searching for us, let's spare him some
time and go out there.

Continuing their joking, everybody leaves the tent only Hawkeye and Kathy stay behind.

Too bad there's no medal for being the most
wonderful person in the world.

There is one, but it's not made of metal,
and it can only be given out once.

I'm getting curious!

Her smile grows broader, then she rises on her toes and kisses him gently. She is still smiling as she pulls back, and her eyes, deep enough to drown in them, shone brightly.

I will hold it in honor.

Then he takes her in his arms and holds her tightly.

I'll miss you, little one.

I'll miss you too, Hawkeye.

They look into each other's eyes for a moment.

You'll write?

Every day.

Kathy chuckles and shakes her head.

Every couple of weeks is enough! And it won't be for
nothing, Hawkeye. We'll meet again when you're back home.

Hawkeye's thoughts drift to a woman that he had met here, too, a woman that he had loved above everything. And he had lost her. But this is something different. Kathy is something completely different. He nods.

Okay. Will you write?

Every day!

He laughs, takes her hand, and they leave the tent.

Scene 19: EXT. DAY, the camp. Everybody plus the jeep driver.

B.J., Klinger, Mulcahy and the Colonel are standing next to the jeep that is ready to bring Danny and Kathy to the airport. Kathy holds Hawkeye's hand until the very last moment and then walks over to her brother. He puts his left arm around her and smiles at the men. Then there is a flash in his eyes.

Hey have you ever heard Kathy sing?

Everyone swears at the same time that it isn't so, and Kathy is lifted on top of the jeep by Hawkeye and B.J..

You don't really want this!

We do too!

Applause and whistling. Kathy takes a deep breath and looks at Hawkeye.

(sings "Someone to watch over me")
"There's a saying old,says that love is blind. Still
we're often told: seek,and ye shall find! So I'm going to
seek a certain lad I've had in mind...

Everyone listens in amazed silence. B.J. bends over to Hawkeye.

She's great!

(doesn't take his eyes from Kathy for one second, smiling the whole time)
I know. She's great.

When the song has ended, the whole camp stands and applauds like mad. Kathy hardly gives more than a smile, but her eyes are beaming as she bows and then climbs onto the back seat of the jeep. Danny sits down next to her.

Greet Home from us!

God bless you two!

Kathryn, be careful with my stockings! They are my best pair!

B.J. (simultaneously with Hawkeye)
Take good care of her!

HAWKEYE (simultaneously with B.J.)
Take good care of him!

They look at each other in surprise, then, grinning, turn back around to wave to the leaving jeep.

Good Bye!

Kathy doesn't turn away until the camp is out of sight.

The others return to what they had been doing; parts of conversations like: '...amazing!...' and 'That girl could make it some day' drift over to Hawkeye and B.J., who are standing there alone, watching the vanishing cloud of dust.

I'll miss her, Beech.

B.J. nods, even though Hawkeye wasn't looking at him. Then he takes his friend's arm.

Come, let's go drink something! It's on me!

Very good idea! But not for too long, I have to do something later.

What is that?

Write letters.

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