Part Four - Frank, Penobscott and Radar's zoo.

What are we going to do with them three? Sherman asked himself. He had sent Klinger to report on the situation in the swamp. Klinger had found them asleep and wisely decided to remove the guns off them. He also checked for signs of life, they where all still breathing and there was no bleeding anywhere so he went back to report what he saw. Everyone was still none the wiser why they where all there so Potter put in a call to Core. They where equally as clueless so he then decided to ask the three men in question.

"Are you sure that's wise sir?" asked Radar.

The others had the same Concerns. However his mind would not be changed.

"In that case I am coming with you" Radar announced much to everyone's surprise.

"If the little guy is then I am to" Said Hawkeye.

"Besides it's our tent there in, I want to see what carnage they caused to my stuff" BJ added.

"Me to, I want to know what's going on."

"You're all crazy, heck that's my specialty!" Klinger said.

So they all trooped over to the swamp. As Klinger previously noted they where all in dreamland. However as they stood looking Frank awoke.

"Its okay, there under sedation" he said in way of a greeting.

"Sedated. Frank what the hell in MacArthur's Army is going on here!" asked Sherman.

"It's a long story" Frank said as he gingerly stood up and dusted himself off. "How's the Major that was shouting and who is he?"

"His fine. That was Major Winchester he is your replacement" Radar said as he Cowered behind his CO. Frank had always made Radar feel nervous and tonight was no exception. However his eyes picked that moment to rest on Donald and the sight made him feel very angry. He walked over and picked up the remains of the animals. He looked at him and muttered "Its Blake and flossy." he then did something else distinctly unlike Radar. He kicked dirt into the face of Donald and then ran out of the swamp. He was seen running in the direction of his precious animals. Everyone looked stunned. Hawkeye was the first to find his voice. "Blake?" he asked. "Well he has been having nightmare about Henry" BJ said softly.

Frank cleared his throat. "I was to late to stop them" he stated.

"Who?" asked Sherman.

"Flagg. He was hiding in the bushes. He took them from the cages and then passed them onto Donald. I tried to catch them before they reached your tent." He said looking directly at Margaret. "I almost managed it. I got a punch in before someone grabbed me. It was Flagg. I screamed before it went all black. I woke up in the horses' paddock" he revealed.

At that point Donald began to wake up.

"Quick what happened then?" Margaret asked.

I went to find you to see if you where okay. I passed by the animals" his face palled. "One of the Nurses was there and it was in a total mess. Totally unmilitary. She left and I went on to your tent. However Flagg Collared me again."

Donald was now alert. He leapt to his feet and lunged at Frank grabbing a fist full of his shirt. BJ and Klinger, who were the closest to the pair, stepped in between them and Frank Collapsed on the floor. Everyone else moved out of the way which caused Hawkeye to trip over Margaret sending them both flying towards the still. Klinger felt an urge to hit Donald so he did, hard in the chin which sent him flying into Flagg.

"Everyone okay?" asked Sherman as he offered a hand to Margaret..

"Yeah" They all responded apart from Frank and Donald. Frank had fallen hard onto his arm and was busy Concentrating on not calling out in pain. Donald had turned an interesting shade , almost purple, "I am going to have you Court marshaled for that Corporal" He shouted angrily.

"It would be worth it" Klinger spat back.

Sherman had had enough. "Right" he shouted. "Donald go wait in my office. I will be along soon. Klinger can you escort Frank to Major Winchester. I want him checked out. Don't worry his Competent surgeon as you will soon discover. Then I want you to call Sidney Freedman. On second thoughts Donald I will escort you over myself." He turned to Margaret "I suspect you wont want to go back to your tent tonight." She looked vulnerable like a small child and very scared. "Go stay in mine tonight. You look exhausted."

"With all due respect I want to know what is going on Coronal" she responded.

"Don't we all" he muttered to himself.

Meanwhile Radar had been found by Father Mulcahy who took him back to Radar's office. The resident spiritual advisor had found him by his animals in a right state. Radar had been stood staring with an utterly distraught look on his face. The last time the Padre had seen Radar like this was when he had delivered the news of Henrys death. However at least he was talking then, now Radar was just sat rocking on his bed staring into space. Not even a grape Nehi had gotten a response out of him. It had remained untouched. The padre had taken to pacing when Klinger had walked though the office into the post op. he had been with a man that looked suspiciously like Frank Burns. The father's Confusion grew when Coronal Potter had stormed into his office shortly followed by BJ and Hawkeye dragging Donald Penobscott. He give up trying to understand when Coronal Flagg was came crashing through the door onto the floor. This was followed mini seconds later by a boot on the end of a leg. The leg, much to the padre's relief, was followed by its owner-Major Houlihan. Klinger then came out of post op, assessed the situation and dragged Flagg into the CO's office. Major Houlihan walked into post op and returned with the Frank Burns look alike and Major Winchester. They all walked silently into Sherman's office. Father Mulcahy watched all this, looked at Radar and began to pray.

In Potters office everyone was silently cursing. Potter was sat behind his desk pouring himself yet another very stiff drink. Klinger was stood guard at the door and would once in a while open it to peek out into Radar's office. He was worried about Radar and the Father was obviously not having any success. Frank was stood in front of the desk, also with a drink which he was nervously sipping. Margaret was pacing the same area of the floor in front of BJ and Hawkeye whom where perched by the window. Donald was stood in the Corner, well away from everyone else and Flagg had been propped up by the filling cabinet. Winchester was checking how he was. Thankfully he was still sedated. It was not a Comfortable atmosphere in the office and everyone was beginning to get edgy.

"Okay Frank you want to Continue with what you where saying before." Sherman asked.

"Well Flagg attacked me again but this time I managed to get away. I looked in Margaret's tent but by this time she was gone. So I went to the Swamp. I was loosing my nerve and I kind of hoped the still was still there. Urgh that Concoction was just as awful as I remembered it to be. " Despite themselves everyone who had tasted it smiled. It was horrid stuff. "I was deciding what to do next when Donald came in. I panicked and ran."

"Coward. Is it any wonder she picked me over you!" Donald sneered.

"Shut up!" Everyone else said. He shrugged and sat down on the floor.

"I ran to supply. I was on auto pilot, I don't know why I picked there though. Then I spotted the sedatives and got an idea. On my way back I noticed them 2 having an argument. Flagg had gotten hold of some more animals." Frank shuddered involuntarily. "Another rabbit and chicken. They went into the swamp and I followed them. Only I got as far as my old bed and I Collapsed. I came through and there was Flagg and Donald going through the footlockers. It went all crazy and there was a lot of yelling from outside. I don't know how but I found myself attacking Flagg who had Hunnicutt's gun. Donald is trying to fire Pierces sidearm at me so I turn round and took it of him. Flagg fired the one he had and then someone started shouting "who are you?" I aim the gun I had at Flagg and his aiming one at me and that's when all you lot came in" Frank stopped and took a gulp of his drink. Then he muttered "I thought it was all over but then you left. I Couldn't believe it! I then had to tackle Flagg again. I had some help, one of the enlisted men, the Cook I think, was walking past. Well that distracted Flagg long enough to give him the sedative. After that he " he turned round and scowled at Donald "he was easy. Maybe he had drunk too much and was just sat there. I sedated him and got another drink from the still" he Concluded lamely. He looked exhausted and was shaking slightly. Margaret unexpectedly walked over to Donald, hoisted him to his feet and shoved him against the wall.

"That true?" She asked him a really angry look on her face. He simply nodded. He had the grace to look ashamed. "Why you son of a bitch Why!?" she asked as she flung him back on the floor.

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