Part Five - a surprise phone call from a old friend.

Everyone was digesting what they had been told by Frank and Margaret silently. Just then the phone rang making them jump. Coronal Potter answered the phone.

"Hello Mash 4077th Coronal Potter speaking."

"Thank God I finally got through. Listen is everything okay there. HEY why didn't Radar answer?" The caller asked.

"Who is this?"

"John McIntyre. I used to serve there before I got discharged. Hum I guess you're the new CO. Could you put Radar on please?" John was sounding Anxious and slightly frustrated.

"His err otherwise indisposed."

"How about Hawkeye or Major Houlihan? Its important. Frank Burns has gone missing. We think he has gone looking for them."

"His right here"

"Oh lord. Is everyone okay? Please tell me he got there before Donald. Can you put Hawkeye on please?" The caller sounded desperate. Against his better judgement Sherman handed the phone out to Hawkeye.

"Hawkeye, caller for you!"

"Who is it?" Hawkeye asked Confused.

"John McIntyre." The CO responded.

"TRAPPER!" was the response of Klinger, Margaret, Hawkeye and Frank. Hawkeye took the phone.

"Hi Trapper"

"Hi Hawk. Listen something crazy is about to happen. Crazier than we Could have ever Cooked up. Did He say Franks there? Holy Smokes! Listen he went missing, charging after Donald Penobscott. Hot lips is in for a nasty shock"

"Trapper, that's old news. Penobscott went on the rampage with a bunch of animals. Frank was too late to stop him."

"He was not. That was only phrase one."

"Trapper start making sense. What do you mean phrase one."

"What happened up there?"

Hawkeye quickly filled him in.

"Whoa check Donald is still there"

"Yeah he is why?"

"Yeah. Great when you get of the phone you need to check his pockets. "

"What on earth. Why?"

"You will see. It will all become clear. He lost his mind since his wife left him. Hold On ....

Margaret Jesus Christ he means Major Houlihan as his wife! Right you will also probably need to get some M.PS up there pronto. You will soon see why!"

"Trapper you big lug how do you know this?"

"I got stuck working with them both. Long story. I will explain when I get there!"

"Get there. Here! Trapper where are you?"

"Tokyo airport. Listen My flights due to be called"

"Right. Well see you soon"

"See you soon"

With that they both hung up. He looked at Frank who seemed to know what was about to happen. As did Donald and Flagg both of who tried to make a run for it. They didn't get very far. Charles and Margaret Got hold of Flagg whilst Klinger and Frank got hold of Donald. Hawkeye started searching Donald's pockets whilst shouting "Call the M.PS. Call the damn M.PS!" Potter looked at the scene and decided to follow the shouted instructions. Watching Hawkeye search Donald, BJ followed suit and did the same with Flagg. Hawkeye pulled out an envelope and a grenade out of Donald's pocket, the grenade was quickly handed to Sherman, whilst BJ wrestled a needle of Flagg. The envelope was addressed to Margaret . The two being searched struggled against the officers at the 4077th and put up a good fight. There was lots of Confusion and shouting. To add to the Confusion Father Mulcahy walked in with some M.PS who had apparently been on the way over anyways.

"Apparently someone called these gentleman" The padre announced. He then took in the scene . What a scene it was to. It was absolute chaos. Just to add to it Radar picked that moment to start realising hidden emotions. He let out good long scream and started punching the walls. Using the fact that the 4077th bunch was distracted Donald and Flagg wriggled free and ran for the door. This time they where more successful. The group assembled looked at each other and BJ and Hawkeye ran into Radar's office. Potter said simply to the M.PS. "Get them two idiots!" they ran out after Donald and Flagg. They eventually caught up with them at an abandoned aid station three miles later.

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