Part Eight - Talking to Dr Freedman.

Over in the VIP tent Sidney was having a tough time. Radar at first had been reluctant to talk to him now the metaphorical floodgates had opened and wouldn't close again. Sidney managed to understand what Radar was saying in between sobs. It was disturbing to watch. It was always hard though.

"This place sucks. I try not to think about it. Distract myself with work and my animals but now its all messed up. I tried so hard to talk to someone about it but I thought I was going crazy. I was scared to tell though in case they thought I was crazy. They already make fun of me because of my cuddly bear." Radar said then took a deep breath.

Sidney finally managed to get a word in. "What about the nightmares?"

"iv had them since the day we found out about Henry. They got worse though as time goes by. Its like I am there, I see him in the chopper and the sniper hitting and it going down. I see his face and its all burnt like something out of a horror movie. I never woke up screaming before though. I don't think I have anyway. "

"Why do you think you did last night?"

"Geez I don't know. I found a photo of us in my desk draw the other day but I don't think that was it." Radar paused "Well some of us have been putting together a little something involving some stuff his family sent over. That Could be it."

"Okay" Sidney paused for a moment. "I think you have not had a chance to deal with his death properly. That grief has manifested itself into your nightmares. When you allow yourself to grieve for him the nightmares will probably stop. You need to deal with it"

"Deal with it. How sir?" Radar's face fell.

"Well you have a lot of friends in camp, let them help you. Talk to someone about how you feel. However it looks as though I am going to be around for the forcible future so I want to Continue to work with you. Unofficially. When was the last time you had a break? Not necessarily some r and r but a rest." Sidney asked.

Radar remained silent for a while. "Too long ago to remember" he answered eventually. He tried to hide a yawn unsuccessfully.

"Get one. Sooner rather than later. Right now though you need some sleep. Stay here away from everything and get some. I am pulling rank on this one!"

"But sir" Radar managed before his eyes closed. He was asleep. Sidney gently removed Radar's glasses and left quietly.

On his way over to the swamp Sidney ran into father Mulcahy. "Coronal Potter has been looking for you" The padre said. "He would like you to speak to Major Burns ASAP!"

"Off Course" replied Sidney. The padre altered his hat. "Have you seen Radar? he was in a bit of a state last night. I wanted to see how he was. " "I have. His asleep in the VIPs tent. I would like it kept that way too, he needs it. That is unless you here screaming from him then get over there. However I think it would be best to leave him for now!" Sidney replied gently. "Oh dear. " Said the padre. "Of Course." He Continued. "Speaking of people who has had a rough time have you seen Frank?" Sidney asked." Try post op." was Mulcahys response. "Thanks" said Sidney as they both went their respective ways.

As Doctor Freedman walked into the post op he was forced to duck to avoid a flying bedpan, thankfully an empty one. Klinger and Nurse Bigelow where trying to maintain some order in the chaos. Flagg was trying to interrogate Frank after giving his guards the slip. Donald Penobscott, whom had tried to get into Margaret's tent again, was flat out on a bed. He had been decked twice, First of all by Rizzo when Donald had started a fight with Igor in Rosie's Bar and then By Margaret. Potter was on the phone trying to reach I-Corps and get Donald and Flagg discharged on a section 8. Eventually BJ whom had being doing rounds and Klinger managed to physically restrain Flagg. BJ then hauled Flagg into Potters office. Throughout this there was a lot of yelling as Charles treated Donald's wounds. Bigelow and Klinger set about tidying up the mess.

Sidney sighed. He then walked over to a very petulant Frank. "Hi " He said in way of a greeting. Frank ignored him and rolled over, turning his back on Sidney. Sidney tried again. "How are you?" He asked. That got a response. Frank spun back over "What do you want? " Frank demanded. "they all thing I am crazy. But I aren't. There the crazy ones. " He sneered. "Who are? " Sidney asked. "The rest of this camp. The folks back home. Everyone is! Its them you should be talking to." Sidney had to make a snap decision on which route to take next. He decided to go along with what Frank was saying for now. "Well you know its nice to talk to some non crazy people to once in a while. It keeps me from going crazy myself, well that is if you would oblige me." Sidney replied in his usual deadpan style. "Well that's different then" was Frank's response. "I am interested in something. What makes you think everyone else is crazy" Sidney asked. Frank thought for a moment before responding. "There unmilitary. Take Pierce for example. He never follows the rules. He is a disgrace to the uniform of the united states army. Hunnicutt is just as bad. Pierce was a bad influence on him. They where always playing tricks on me. Always the butt of everyone else's schoolboy humour. They aren't the worst ones though" Winchester had wondered over. "I Could not help overhearing your Conversation. It seems we may have something in Common after all. I am just wondering who the worst is, as you put it,?" Charles said. Sidney already had a feeling of what the answer to Charles question would be. He was proved to be right when Frank responded. "Margaret. I loved her, I truly did and she goes and runs of with him! Look how that turned out!" He practically shouted the last bit. Sidney quickly interjected before Frank did something stupid. He mentally Corrected him, stupider than usual. Both Charles and Sidney Could understand why the rest of the camp disliked him though Sidney also felt a twinge of Sympathy for him. It was true after all that he had partaken in some of the jokes against the one they called Ferret face. "I heard you had quite an adventure last night" Sidney Commented. Frank was unusually modest for once. "Oh that. It was nothing. I would die for her, I will love her till my dying day but she does not love me. I realise that now. No one loves me!" He looked like he was about to cry. Charles and Sidney exchanged a glance, they where both well out of there leagues. They both looked at the broken hearted Major who had fell from grace with a rather large thud. "Charles, Could you take a look at this" BJ called over He looked like he needed rescuing from that situation and I am at a loss at why this kid still has blood in his liquids. BJ thought. "Gentleman" Charles said with a curt nod as he want over to where BJ was stood with a frown on his usually smiley face. Sidney sighed softly. "Frank I hate to do this but I need to check on one of my patients. I will Come back and talk to you later okay?" "Yeah "Frank responded with a far away look in his eyes. "Thanks for listening" He said after Sidney. It was the first time anyone has without putting me down or making it into a joke. Frank thought sadly. "Hey that's what I do!" Sidney said softly as he made his way into Coronal Potters office.

As he walked through Radar's usual lurking place he found Hawkeye and Klinger in the midst of a spat. "Look Captain Pierce, its hard enough to do this without you getting under my feet, now please get out of my way!" Klinger was saying. "Ah Major Freedman maybe you can take this menace somewhere that is not here!" Hawkeye looked up for the first time noticing Sidney. He had a faraway look in his eye and something was obviously bothering him. "Oh Hi Sidney" he said. "Hi Hawkeye how are you?" "I'm okay I was just thinking" "Do you think you could do it elsewhere? Radar's system is hard enough to understand without him moping around as well." Klinger mumbled. "Okay Klinger I will remove this pest from under your feet. Come with me." He said to Hawkeye. With that he walked into Sherman's office, Hawkeye numbly following him. Klinger called after them. "He isn't in but he said to wait there, both of you. His talking to BJ, I can't believe you hit Beej, Hawkeye." That caught Sidney's attention. He took a seat and Hawkeye stood looking uncomfortable. Sidney spoke first.

"Mind if I inquire what you where thinking about."

"Nothing much, just about what's happened the last couple of days. It was quite a scream they cooked up last night."

"They" Sidney asked confused.

"Well okay Radar ad Margaret. I never saw them like before."

"Yes well they got quite a scare."

"We all did. How is the little feller anyways?"

"Radar. His asleep in my tent."

Hawkeye looked surprised.

"His had a tough time lately. His going to need help getting over it."

"The nightmares. Well I can relate to that. I could not believe it till I got told last night." Hawkeye responded with a rueful shake of his head.

"Well like you had nightmares relating to the events that happened around here, there his way of dealing with Henrys death." Sidney gently said. Hawkeye remained silent. He was taking it all in and he idly played with Sherman's desk sign. "Why didn't he tell anyone about it?" He asked, voicing his thought out loud.

"That's something you will have to ask Radar but don't force it. I suspect he will tell you when his ready. Did I here Klinger correctly, you hit BJ!"

"Yeah." Lord I could kill Klinger for saying that. Oh boy I can't believe I thought that. What's happening to me? I can't believe I hit BJ either Hawkeye thought. Just then Sherman walked into his office with BJ.

"Ah Sidney glad you're here, I think I need some help getting my head around these twos antics. Sit both of you." With that both BJ and Hawkeye pulled up a chair and sat at opposite sides of Sidney as far away from each other as possible. BJ had a cut on his face and a big bruise was beginning to form. Both looked mad at each other and Sherman looked peeved.

"Just what the hell is going on here? Normally I wouldn't get involved in staff spats but when you hit each other in front of most of the personnel then somehow I feel compelled to."

"I really don't know, I didn't think anything was wrong till he hit me." BJ responded, telling half the truth. He had thought something was wrong but it was his problem and he had not voiced his concerns to anyone.

"Well Pierce?" Sherman demanded.

"He started it. It was him that has been avoiding me ever since Trapper and Frank showed up. In fact he and Margaret have been getting on rather well since they have."

Sherman and Sidney exchanged a glance.

"It might be wise to ask them three. They might be able to shed more light on the matter." Said Sidney quietly to Sherman. Otherwise we may be here for some time!"

."Agreed." He responded back just as quietly. "Okay you two school boys go wait in the office. Try not to kill each other." Said Sherman. With that the two former friends walked out. "Klinger!" Sherman shouted.

Klinger walked in. "You squawked sir?"

"Could you get Margaret, Trapper and Frank in here please? Come to think of it get Charles to. Maybe they can shed some light on our Captains sudden state of stupidity. Do you know what would cause Hawkeye to hit BJ by any chance?"

"Not a clue. The way I figured it would have been the other way around. BJ has been giving Hawkeye and Trapper the chance to get know each other again and so has spent time was Margaret and Charles and Frank in the officers club. Maybe Hawkeye felt left out?" Klinger shrugged. "By the way how is Radar? I never seen him act like that. That was some fit he threw last night" Sherman responded. "He will be okay. Just give a little time for now and if he needs to bend your ear let him!" "Yes sir and sir. You want them folks here now?" "Yes Klinger I do!" With that Klinger left, seconds later an announcement was made for the named personnel to go to the C.O'S office. Within Minutes they where.

"What is this about sir?" Margaret asked.

"The two loons sat out there. Can anyone explain what's caused them to revert to fisticuffs with each other?"

"Maybe I can explain a little" Said Trapper. "Me and Hawkeye where best friends when I was serving here and understandably it was a bit awkward when I returned. However I did notice that Hunnicutt seemed to be awkward around me, maybe his been trying to avoid me and Hawk was part of the rush. We have been spending time together as much as possible"

"Well BJ did say he was trying to give them two spaces to catch up when I asked him about it. I think it's more than that. I do wish that they would sort it out soon, spending time in the swamp with them is getting pretty hard to endure." Charles offered.

"Maybe they are staging another fight. It wouldn't be the first time they had when I have been around." Noted Frank.

"I don't think so. That punch was really hard, it clearly hurt BJ and Hawkeye looked really annoyed. There has to be something more than meets the eye from Hawkeye's end. Maybe we should talk to them. "Offered Margaret.

Klinger then piped up from his office. "Err Sirs, MA'AM COLD YOU PLEASE COME OUT HERE PLEASE, NOW!" Klinger sounded scared. "Sirs come on stop it!" Radar said.

The group rushed out to see Hawkeye yet again hit Beej, this time it was hard. BJ went down hard and hit his head of the corner of Radar's cot. He didn't get back up. "Holy Toledo!" Responded Klinger as Charles and Margaret rushed over to BJ. "What happened here this time?" Asked Sherman, anxious. If they got a sudden rush of injured in they may well have problems. He then turned round and realised that he had another two trained doctors on camp and his anxiety switched to BJ. Hawkeye had went white and rushed out of the office. The sounds of him throwing up could be heard just outside the office. "BJ. Is he going to be alright?" Radar asked. BJ came through, "Ouch was his response before he noticed the crowd around him. "I'm okay, honest though I don't think Hawkeye is." "I'll be the judge of that" Said Charles, "Lets get you checked out" With that the group helped him move BJ into post op stunned at what they had just witnessed.

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