Part Nine - Do actions Speak louder than words?

After he had left Radar's office Hawkeye did not want to talk to anybody. He was having a hard time dealing with what had happened. Taking out his feelings had not helped anything; in fact it had probably made him feel about ten times worse. He had no good excuse for his behaviour but the cause was down to his confusion about something. When he had held Margaret the previous night he had felt something he had not felt since Carlyle, his first true love and serious relationship. Sure he had found Margaret to be a very attractive woman, after all he had eyes and was not blind, but his attraction to her had not been as strong as the other night. However with Trapper, Frank and Donald as visitors and his behaviour towards BJ that seriously complicated matters. The issue with Radar with his nightmares also had him worried. He wanted to avoid everyone and everything for a while in till he had thought things through. He went to the officers club and Nursed a beer for a long time and then went up to chopper landing pad.

BJ and Charles where in the swamp trying to put the material things back in some sort of order. The animals had long since been removed but the recent chaos had effected them both. BJ had been checked out and was physically fine however both where silently pondering what had happened. BJ was trying to forget what had happened with Hawkeye and his thoughts silently turned to his conversation with Radar last night. He was thinking about how he would cope e with the death of a much loved camp member and having to tell there family about it. He also wondered what would cause behaviour like Flag, Donald and Frank. Charles was considering how badly things could have turned out if his predecessor had not stepped in when he had last night. For all his complaining Charles had learnt to cope e with the circumstances and conditions he had lived in and the people around him. Cope isn't the right word for them. Deeply appreciate is more like fitting, not that I would tell them that. Charles though. He was also curious about the one they called Trapper John, Ferret face and Penobscott. What got him really curious though was why Hawkeye had suddenly started punching out his friend. However curiously they both picked up photographs of there loved ones, in Charles case it was of his sister and Parents and In BJ's case it was Peg and Erin. I miss you! They both thought.

Klinger was sat in the office coming to terms with Radar's system when the man himself walked in. Radar looked upset and the recent events had obviously had an effect on him.

"Hi Radar" Klinger said.

"Hi Klinger. What you doing?"

"Filling in some requisition forms."

"Oh. That's my job!" Radar protested.

"Coronal Potter ordered me to fill in for you. How are you doing anyway?"

"Oh okay I guess." Klinger did not look convinced.

"It was a tough night huh kid. No shame in that, if this place is so terrific then why am I trying to get out" Klinger said, subconsciously touching his clip on earrings to prove his point.

"Hum yeah, I guess your right." Radar sat down on his bed unsettlingly quiet. Klinger sighed, First nightmares and then now it looked like the silent treatment. He liked Radar and hated to see him like this. However Radar was thinking about what Sidney had said earlier on Aw Shucks, what the heck, and it looks as though the rest of us could use a distraction to. Radar thought.

"Klinger I was wondering if you could help me with something. It would involve a quick trip up to Seoul though. I ran it by Coronal Potter and he give that the okey dokey."

"Sure sounds interesting if I can help then yeah. What is it?"

Radar explained what he had in mind.

Trapper john McIntyre felt depressed. His main reason for being back at the 4o77th was to collect Frank and get him back to the states in one piece. He had also wanted to use the opportunity to catch up with some old friends. However that part was not going so well. Hawkeye his best friend was no where to be found. He had expected him to have changed but he would never have expected him to start hitting people, especially those that he was friends with. He was glad BJ was okay but not glad that Hawkeye had felt the need to hit him. He had now searched everywhere for his buddy and dejectedly walked back to the swamp. In there he found Winchester writing a letter and Hunnicutt nursing a drink from the still. He walked in and took a deep breath. Hunnicutt looked up. "Hi Trapper. Want a drink?"

What the hell, the guy is making an effort. "Sure thanks. Have you seen Hawkeye?" That question caught Winchesters attention. Both shook there heads. "Not since he ran out the office." Winchester said. Trapper sat down on Hawkeye's cot. "I cant find him anywhere and nobodies seen him. To be honest I am worried." Both of his current company looked concerned. "That's odd!" BJ said. "His behaviour today has been odd lets face it." Winchester said. They all exchanged a glance. "I'll check with the motor pool and take the low road." BJ said. "I'll take the metaphorical high road" Winchester said. Then they exchanged a glance and looked at Trapper. He looks how I feel. Noted BJ. "Come on, we can exchange embarrassing stories about Hawk on the way." He said to Trapper. That got a smile out of him and so he downed his drink and leapt to his feet. "I have a few doozies to tell!" He said as they left the Swamp.

Whilst the three of them where looking for Hawkeye it was actually Radar and Klinger that found him. Hawkeye looked absolutely miserable and was obviously worried. His usual joker persona had disappeared without a trace. The two corporals had walked into the officers club to finalise details about the surprise they where springing on the officers when they found him sat alone. Klinger and Radar exchanged a glance. "Now there's somebody who looks as though he has lost his best friend." Said Klinger. "He may well of done after what happened today, both of them" Radar replied. They waked over to the bar and talked to Igor. Just then Trapper and BJ walked into the bar, Trapper was gasping for breath between his giggles. "You never! Wow I bet old Ferret face and hot lips loved that one!" "They didn't find it so funny but after the welcome I had to Korea it sure as hell made me feel better" Radar smiled at the memory of BJ's arrival to camp, Klinger looked confused. "Ill fill you on it later on" Radar said to Klinger. "Sounds like a wild story!" "Oh it was, everything that could have happened did. You name it flat tires, land mines, getting shot at and I got a temporary field promotion!" "Now that really does sound like a wild tale!" Klinger remarked. Just then BJ and Trapper noticed Radar and Klinger. They walked over to the bar where Igor was having trouble understanding there request. "Look Igor all we want is the items of this list bringing over to the mess tent tonight. " Klinger protested. "Hi guys have you seen Hawkeye. He seems to have well disappeared." Trapper asked. Radar and Klinger pointed over to where their gloomy friend sat. Hawkeye was now hitting the jukebox and was clearly drunk. "His been here most of the afternoon. I was going to attempt to move him but if it came to fisticuffs I am not any match for him. Trust me I would want Major Houlihan here to fight him for me." Igor said. "Charming" Said the Major in question good naturedly. She had slipped in unnoticed with Charles. Igor lent over to Radar. "I will bring them over if you get rid of him. What time?" Radar sighed "What time will you be finished up after dinner?" He asked. "Around about 8" "half eight then" "okay now you shift him, his been scaring me." Igor said as he went to wipe the tables down. Margaret looked questioningly at Radar. "What you planning?" Radar gulped again, luckily Klinger stepped up for him. "If you could all just be in the mess tent at half past eight for an unofficial staff meeting as it where. It will all make sense then!" "Well we better move Captain Pierce" Radar said. The assembled group looked at him. "Not an enviable task" BJ said. "We need to get him sobered up somehow before tonight." Klinger added. "Again not an enviable task." Said Charles. "Your right there, I don't think there's coffee strong enough in Korea for that" Margaret mused. The group gathered there courage and walked over. Luckily and thankfully Hawkeye was passed out by the time they got over to him. Trapper and BJ picked him up. "I am used to doing this for Frank" Mused BJ, "Really?" said Trapper. "That was usually after the lovely Major knocked him to the ground" Klinger added. "Seriously! Well some things have changed" Said Trapper with a wink towards Margaret. "Oh shut up. I will go make some strong coffee." Said the lovely Major in response as she exited. "Lets get him over to the swamp, Radar could you get the doors for us and keep the way clear?" Asked BJ. "Sure Beej. Klinger could you go start on that thing?" "Sure, see you over the mess tent. "Klinger said in response. "What thing?" asked Charles. "Yes okay you will find out tonight " he answered himself. The group exited carrying Hawkeye between them. Igor breathed more easily as he went to survey the damage Hawkeye had caused.

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