Chapter 4

She was so mad at him that she pondered whether or not she should open the door.


Afraid that the baby might wake up she walked towards the door and opened it. "What do you want?" She asked trying to hide the fact that she had been crying.

"I just wanted to know something."

"What did you want to know?" She asked trying to read his expression.

"I wanted to know my son's name." He said in almost a whisper.

"His name is Benjamin Daniel Pierce."

He was speechless, in disbelief that she had named him after himself and his father. But still he had to know why she left him, especially when she was carrying his baby.

"Hawkeye are you okay?"

"No, no I'm not Margaret," he said looking deep into her eyes, "I haven't been fine since you left me, and now you come here and tell me I have a son!"

"Shh! Do you want to wake him up?" She warned, "Look Hawkeye, I have to go back home tomorrow evening, why don't we just enjoy the last day of the reunion and we'll deal with this later."

"How do I know that you won't just disappear again?"

"Because I think we have a lot to work out."

"Alright, alright, good night Margaret."

"Good night Hawkeye."

He then went to his room and tried to sleep. Despite his drunken state sleep came very hard for him. He kept thinking of all that had occurred the last twenty four hours. As if seeing Margaret was enough, but now to top it all off he had just found out he was a father. The thought of being a father to someone scared him, well terrified him is more like it. He wasn't ready for children, he wasn't comfortable with them, he always new Margaret wanted children when he married her and he always could see the pain in her eyes when he avoided the subject. But now everything had changed.

The next day seemed to go alright. The reunion was a hit, everyone was reminiscing about old times. Hawkeye still seemed very distant. He included himself in the group when he had too but didn't try to be the centre of attention by any means. That afternoon and evening people were beginning to head home Hawkeye would be the only one that would leave the next morning. When Hawkeye saw that Margaret was about to leave he ran up to her he had to do one more thing before she left.


"What is it Hawkeye?"

"Well I just, I just wanted to uh-" Just then he grabbed her and kissed her like he had when they left Korea.

Moments later they broke apart a little breathless and he whispered in her ear, "I still love you." She then got in a taxi and was heading to the airport and then home unsure of what would happen when she met with Hawkeye again. She then glanced at her young son who looked so much like Hawkeye it was uncanny, she knew they had to work something out. Deep down she too was still very much in love with Hawkeye, and she really didn't want to leave him, she was so scared when she found out she was pregnant.. She always wanted children but she new Hawkeye would be less then ecstatic. She was afraid he would leave her, so before he got the chance she thought it would be better that she left him before he would leave her.

"Well Hawkeye it was good to see you again," BJ said as he pulled his friend into a hug.

"Yeah we'll have to do this again."

"Before you leave Hawk I want to give you this," he said as he handed Hawkeye a piece of envelope.

"What's this?" He asked opening it.

"A plane ticket to New York and Margaret's address and phone number."

"Are you crazy I can't just show up on her door step."

"You need to work things out for with her, you two still love each other and besides you got a little boy who needs to get acquainted with his dad."

He looked down at the ticket and the paper with Margaret's address and he smiled, he knew he had to go to New York. "Thanks Beej."

"Your welcome just get on that plane," he said almost pushing him into the taxi.

"I'm going, I'm going. Oh could you tell my dad where I'm going."

"He already knows." He said smiling.

Hawkeye couldn't help but laugh and as he boarded the plane he could help but think what would be next for him and Margaret.

A few hours later he reached New York. He reached for the piece of paper containing Margaret's address, he hailed a taxi and was now on the way to her apartment, and now he was beginning to get nervous. And as he arrived he could feel the butterflies in his stomach.

"This is it." The driver said. He couldn't believe he was actually there. He paid the driver and got out and climbed the stairs to the forth floor where her apartment was. As he approached her door he could here her playing with the baby. He was terrified to knock on the door, afraid she would slam it in his face, but he had to do it and with that he knocked on the door.

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