Hawkeye stared at Marie and for the first time, realized how beautiful she was. Marie noticed him staring.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laid all that on you...." she apologized.

"Don't be sorry, it can get overwhelming. Believe me, I know. It's better to get it all out."

"Yeah, so much for leaving everyone here out of it...I couldn't even keep my kids safe, now I told you what's going to happen to you...or this camp?"

"Look, I don't care who you are, no body deserves to be treated like that, no one, so don't go blaming yourself. And don't worry about the camp, I'm not going to tell anyone. No one will even have to know I know."

"Thank you, Hawkeye, you've changed."

"Well if I remember you correctly, if something makes you angry you try your heart out to change it no matter what anyone said. And you just agreed to keep my secret."

"I'm still that way...I think...but you know more about what's going on then I do and if I go in it head first like I do everything else the results may be fatal. So I'm willing to let you fight this one for me. But that doesn't mean don't come to me if you think I could help. Because I want to. .." There was a long silence they stared into each others eyes. Hawkeye was taking in her beauty and Marie noticed.

"I'm a little tired, I think I'm going to get some rest now."

"Yeah, that might be a good Idea, call me if you need anything.'

"I will." Marie responded and she laid down and heard the door close from Hawkeye leaving. 'What an idiot I am. I just spilled all my problems on the greatest man I know...' She laid there and pondered the subject a bit then fell fast asleep.

2 hours later Marie was waken by the sound of the PA


Marie sat up in her bed and thought it better to listen. Before she had a chance to get up there was a knock. It was Margaret with a tray.

"Hello, Marie, thought this would be a good chance to know each other." Marie opened the door and helped her in and they both sat the table that was by her bed.

"It's always nice to have a visitor, especially if it's a friend." Marie smiled.

"I have something you and your nurses might enjoy."

"What is that?" Margaret asked as Marie searched though a couple of boxes she finally found what she was looking for, it was what looked like an oversized purse. She dumped the contents of the bag onto her bed.


"Oh, wow! Where did you get all this?" said Margaret who started to look through the make-up.

"I was...passing through a town that was in ruins. There was a pile of what looked like used to be beauty shop. I figured, since I was visiting Mashes, I sure I would meet some nurses who were just dying for something like this."

"Yes, this would most definitely cheer them up, thank you!"

"No Problem."

"So, where are you from?" asked Margaret. Putting the make-up back in the bag.

"You mean where I was born?" Marie asked. Margaret nodded. "I was born in New York, New York."

"Oh what a wonderful City."

"Heh, I wouldn't know, I haven't been there since I was born. My dad was a colonel I'm not sure what he did, but they moved us EVERYWHERE."

"Oh? Have you been to Fort Ord in California?"

"Sure have, we never lived on base though, no matter where we were. Dad thought it better for me to live in a normal house like all the other kids. Figured we moved around so much that was as close to normal as he could give me."

"What was your favorite state to live in?"


"Maine!? Really? Why is that?"

"Well they have lobster everywhere and in the summer, when the rest of the nation was dieing in heat, it was always just the right temperature in Maine. Well, it was the year I was there anyway." There was another knock on the door. "Yes, come in." Marie answered.

"I couldn't help but overhear someone mention Maine!" it was Hawkeye.

"I better get going." Margaret sighed and she got up to leave. "Thanks for the cosmetics."

"Anytime." Marie smiled. "What?" The smile on her face grew as she noticed Hawkeye staring at her.

"Why were you talking about Maine?"

"I was telling Margaret that it was my favorite state to live in since I moved around so much. What does it matter to you?"

"I'm from Crabapple Cove."

"Oh, I've been there my mom has a friend there."


"Stacy Parker."

"Ah, the parkers, eating dinner at their house is like eating at a restaurant. They make 10 course meals if you don't count the first 5 and desert," said Hawkeye as they both started laughing. "Don't ever recall seeing you in town. I think I would have noticed you."

"I've only been there once, I didn't see you either, and you stick out like a sour thumb."

"Well, that's because the other fingers revolted against me."

Marie laughed. Marie looked at her plate for the first time and smelled it.

"You smell your food before you eat it."

"Only army food, I don't trust them to tell them what it really is so I leave the guess work to my nose."

Hawkeye smiled.

"So, something has been poking at my brain all day and I think I'm starting to get a head ache," said Hawkeye.

"What?" Marie asked still smiling.

"How do you know so much about me? I barely remember you from school and you seem like we were friends forever."

"I didn't think you remembered. You were quite drunk that night."

Hawkeye gave Marie a puzzled look.

"You were having a fight with your girlfriend, so you asked me out to get back at her, and you ended up with her at the end of the night anyway."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be, I knew what you were doing when you asked me, I knew you were drunk and couldn't have remembered and I had a crush on you then anyway."

"And what about now?"

Marie just looked at him and smiled.

"You're amazing you know that?"

"What is so amazing?"

"Well, according to your story earlier, you've not only seen but been to hell and back and even made the third trip but you still have the strength to smile almost non-stop. That has to be somewhat of a miracle."

"I try to keep my mind busy and still do what needs to be done. If I dwelled on everything thrown in my path, I would get nowhere and go crazy to boot. The army says I have a talent, it scares the hell out of me but they like it. They say I can put my emotional burden aside and get my job done. They always give me time to get my emotions out before I--"

Marie stopped herself mid sentence because she noticed that Hawkeye was no longer listening to a word she was saying. They stared at each other for a minute and drew closer. They kissed. Hawkeye had never felt anything like this before it was like for the first time in a long time he was whole. The kiss deepened then Marie pulled away. It felt as though as he lost himself.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm just scared."

"Scared of what?"

"Hawkeye, with the exception of my brother, I have lost everyone I ever loved. I just don't think I could take losing someone like you.

"Oh, but I don't plan to get lost. I had someone right me directions."

Marie couldn't help but smile at him. Hawkeye motioned for her to go to him for a hug and then they both laid down on the bed no saying anything, just enjoying each other everything just felt so...right.


"I have to go." said Hawkeye reluctantly.

"Can I come? I can help!"

"No you stay here you--"

"Please, Hawkeye, it'll drive me insane just sitting here doing nothing!" She pleaded.

"Okay, find Major Houlihan, she will show you what to do."

"Thanks," Marie responded and they both ran off and went to work.

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