It was at least 16 hours into the days shift, everyone was exhausted. But they just kept coming in. Marie was assisting Potter, thankfully everyone was on their last patient.

"Doctor, BP is rising pretty fast."

"Damn! This artery is swollen! Damn it! I might lose him!" said Potter. Hawkeye asked the nurse if she could close for him while he went to assist Potter.

"It's a blood clot, you can't relieve the pressure, and he'll bleed to death--" Before Hawkeye had a chance to say that there was nothing that they could do....

"Cut it on the edge and let it drain, make it small enough for the blood to clot enough for it to close but not build up pressure," Marie said out of nowhere. Everyone went quiet and look at her.

"She a woman what could she possibility know?" Frank shot off.

"Pressure is still climbing."

"Pierce, you're the chief surgeon, it's your call," Potter asked.

"Do it, couldn't possibility get any worse," said Hawkeye not taking his eyes off of Marie.

"Marie, I would like to see you outside when we are done," Potter said.

"Yes Sir," answered Marie, who was realizing that Hawkeye wasn't too happy with her. He didn't say anything and just took off his gloves and walked out walked out of the room.

When the surgery was finished Marie went to wash up, Hawkeye was there finishing up.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a surgeon," he asked forcefully.

"Because I'm not," Marie answered.

"Where did that come from then, nurses weekly?"

"When we were in college, I took the same classes you did, I did good in them. You never saw me in class because I was taking them at night so I could take nursing classes during the day. But that isn't good enough for the army, I am a woman there for all I am good for is being a nurse." Marie exploded. "Besides," She added sitting down, "The last surgery I preformed, I failed."

Potter had been in the room for some time now and was listening in.

"Would you like to talk about it?" asked Potter. Hawkeye just stood there at a loss for words.

"He was just a little boy" she started almost in tears. "There were bombs going off everywhere and one landed close and I ended up cutting a lot more then I was supposed to. The captain from my unit pulled to me to cover. The little boy died...because of me, I killed him...doctors are supposed to heal, not kill."

"It wasn't your fault there was no way you could of-" Hawkeye started.

"Please, can I be alone now?" Marie interrupted. She had heard the "there was nothing she else should could of done" speech from everyone she has encountered since it happened.

"Yes, go get some rest," Potter said in a low voice. "Oh and one more thing how did you become a General?"

"They did it so I could out order people for the army's needs. Not good enough to be a doctor but I'm good enough to be a General for everyone to hate and criticize."

"What does anyone have against you?"

"Think about it, I'm a young woman General, who wouldn't have a problem with me?"

"Yes I suppose your right. You can go now." Potter nodded.

Marie stood up and headed for her tent. Hawkeye thought about going after her and Potter saw it in his eyes.

"Let her go, she'll be fine, you should be going to get some rest yourself."

"Yeah" Hawkeye said before heading to the swamp. As he passed the VIP tent he heard arguing. He went closer to listen.

"You have to get out of here, you're in danger!" he heard a voice say.

"No, I'm not, look I'm safer here then I am anywhere else. I need you to find the children!" He heard Marie's voice argue.

"But Twister is here! I'm worried about you."

"I will be fine."

"You are so stubborn!"

"And your not!? Can we get off the subject of me already? They're my children, they are in greater danger then I am and it's my fault!"

"Okay, you win we'll talk about the children...Why did you have me get you demoted to Captain anyway."

"Because they want to use me, I get what they want, or they will use the children to clear mine fields. Now the last I heard, they were headed for Napal hill. Here is a map I managed to steal from them. Now there is no descending paper work on my demotion right?"

"No....because you're not demoted."


"General Anderson thought it would be best for you to still be a General but he told me to give you a captain's attire to go undercover. He said your higher rank might come in later."

"Okay fine. They are taking me out of here on Friday...that's 6 days from now, so you have to work quickly. You have to find the children and bring them back here, there is an orphanage near by, they will be safe there."

"Okay, I ran into the 1127 on my way here I told them that you were here. They are standing by for orders."

"Oh thank God are they all okay, is Billy okay?"

"He's fine. He'll need to see a doctor but it's nothing major."

"Okay bring him here, tell the rest of them to go with you, I send them written orders to follow you until further notice. After the children are safe, follow me, we'll find out what they have planned and we'll go from there. These people are dangerous and they have to be dealt with before anyone else gets hurt."

"Promise me you'll be careful," the Man said giving Marie a hug.

"I promise."

"I love you, your all I got left."

"I know, I love you too," Marie answered.

Just then, Hawkeye lost his balance and made a thump. The man jumped up, ran out of the tent and at the sight of Hawkeye picked him up by his collar and put a gun to his head.

"KEVIN! NO!" Marie yelled out in a panic. "DON'T HURT HIM!"


"Come on, would I do that on our first date?" said Hawkeye nervously.

"JUST BECAUSE HE'S A NOSEY FRIEND, LET HIM GO!" Kevin stared at Marie then let Hawkeye go. "Now let's get inside before the whole camp comes out here." All three of them entered the tent. Hawkeye said nothing.

"Look Marie, you remember what happened last time you started trusting people-"

"And from where I'm standing the situation couldn't possibly get much worse." Marie interrupted.

"Okay I'm going, see you in 5 days." Kevin turned around and left the tent.

"Be careful!" Marie called after him. Hawkeye just stood there staring at her, there was so much he wanted to say, he didn't know where to start. Marie could see this and she smiled. "He's my brother, Hawkeye." She could see the relief travel though him.

"About the OR, I-"

"Don't worry about it, I should have told you."

Then Hawkeye said what was really on his mind.

"Why are you going?"

Marie sighed. "Because I have to."

"But why you? Can't someone else do someone who goes undercover all the time? Why do you have to be the hero?"

"Hawkeye, the option of me not going, left long before I came here. If I don't go, God only knows what would happen."

"So, you go, and by some act you actually do stop these people then and survive, then what?"

"Then, I come back here to you. I have MASH units to inspect remember? Don't worry about me, I made it his far, I'll be fine. Besides I have no intentions of leaving and never coming back. I finally found you, I'm not letting you off the hook that easily."

Hawkeye didn't know if he was just too flattered or too tired to argue but he just smiled, and gave her a hug.

"Would you stay with me for a minute before you go off to bed?"

"I would love to," Hawkeye replied sitting down on the bed. Marie sat next to him and they both laid down. It wasn't twenty seconds before they were both sound asleep.

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