We have seen letters written by Hawkeye,Trapper,BJ,Radar,Father Mulcahy,Col. Potter and Klinger to their loved ones as well as tape recordings from Hawkeye and Charles. One can imagine what a letter to his wife from Frank would look like. Here is a letter home from Frank Burns to his wife Louise

Dear Louise

by Gale Miller

27 September 1952
M.A.S.H. 4077
South Korea

     Dear Louise

     Another miserable day here in Korea in the middle of the Yellow Horde. I am up to my waist in wounded fighting red blooded American boys and lately I have been operating on these Koreans. I wish they would go back where they came from. I mean, how degrading. I hope the lodge doesn't find out. We have a new commanding officer to replace Henry, whom I am glad to see gone because he was unmilitary. His name is Sherman Potter, who is regular Army which is what I like. I was in command for a few weeks and I loved every minute of it. It gave me a chance to shape up the camp to my specifications. There are still some flaws in the camp. We have this young soldier named Max Klinger, a corporal who is very un-American. He wants to go home, that big crybaby so he wears dresses in hopes that the army which I so much love will think he is too crazy and throw him out. He and this other enlisted creep that the camp calls Radar have this awful habit of consorting with the officers. They should be consorting with their own type. Captain McIntyre was also discharged which I thought would make things easier here, but the Army sent a new doctor, a Captain named B.J. Hunnicutt who is starting to be more like that degenerate Pierce, whom I told you about. Hunnicutt is from California and I always figured he would be Republican like that Senator Nixon who will be our next Vice-President. Of course Captain Pierce is still here at the 4077. He thinks that I've created more widows and orphans than anybody. He has no respect for me or for anybody that outranks him. He has never ever called me Major. He always calls me by my first name and that is against military regulations. But Col. Blake had never enforced it at all. But I still have a very good friend in Major Houlihan. You would to meet him, a swell guy. He is very military since she..er he is a second generation Army. His father once served with General MacArthur in World War I. I hope this new commander is better than Col. Blake (God rest his soul) and he puts the kibosh on those two degenerates Pierce and Hunnicutt. I must go pumpkin as I hear that pimply little voice of Corporal O'Reilly telling us we have wounded coming in so hugs and kisses.

Your Husband

Frank Burns