by SaRa

Author's note: This story is a little unusual, so I decided to give it an unusual title. DrmCqnce (special thanks to Megan Faye) means dream sequence. This story is based on a dream I had, which is part of the reason it has this title.

Prologue: April 28, 2000
(told from the author's point of view)

Yea! Today part two of "Comrades in Arms" is on! Hey, it's almost five o'clock right now, so I better get moving. Now, where's that darn remote control? Once I found the remote control, I sat down in front of the TV. I pressed the power button and then the two button on the remote. I've tuned in just as the theme was starting. I have it timed down to a science. Some commercials came on. They're the most annoying things I put up with on a day-to-day basis, next to Dawn, that is.

"Ooh, this is so cheap!" I yell.

Our local station has goofed again! Instead of showing part two, they have part one on again! Now I'll never get to see it! Hey, what's this? I could have sworn that Margaret wore that black shirt in this episode...she has a khaki T-shirt on now, though...

end prologue

4077 MASH Ouijongbou, South Korea, 1952

It was a beautiful, clear day in Korea. It wasn't extremely hot, the birds were chirping and best of all, the serenity wasn't once interrupted by gunfire. Hawkeye and Margaret were on their way to the 8063rd to demonstrate an arterial transplant, but when they got to where to 8063rd was supposed to be, it wasn't there. Margaret remembered that Colonel Potter had mentioned a big storm moving in that night. Maybe they were moving closer to the front so it would be easier to transport the wounded. Margaret mentioned this to Hawkeye.

"Maybe we should head back," he suggested.

"Yeah...we'll never make it before the storm though..."

"You're right; it's starting to get cloudy already, but we don't have a choice."

"Let's go...the more time we waste, the closer the storm is getting!"

They started the drive back to the 4077th, but still they couldn't beat the storm. They had to find some kind of shelter.

"Is that a hut?" Hawkeye asked loudly so Margaret could her him over the thunder and the pouring rain.

"Yeah, it is!"

It would be good shelter, but it was surrounded by trees, so there was a good chance that one of the trees could get knocked down by the wind that was kicking up and fall on the hut or get struck by lightning and catch fire which would spread to the other trees and the hut. At least it would keep them out of the rain, though.


By the next morning, the rain had slacked off a lot. A few hours later, Hawkeye said that he was going to go looking for the 8063rd, but he wanted Margaret to stay there. She protested, but he insisted that she stay. After he left, Margaret took her first good look around the hut. It wasn't a typical one; not at all! It was decorated in pinks, reds, and white. Covering the window was a curtain made out of red, pink, and white karma beads. Margaret remembered having read something about karma beads a few years ago. She thought it was interesting, so she'd memorized what a bunch of colors meant.
The white was strength, the red was love, and the pink was romance. Out of nowhere, someone showed up in front of the beaded curtain. It was Frank Burns! Where on Earth did he come from? Margaret wondered. She didn't have long to dwell on this, though.

"Oh, Margaret!" Frank exclaimed as he walked over to her.

He wrapped his arms around her and he kissed her, much against her will.

A few hours later, Margaret woke up. She wondered if Frank was still there; she hoped not. She realized that she'd gotten wounded, although she couldn't remember how. She was bleeding, but not too badly. Bad enough, though.

Fade out....


Fade in...

Margaret heard a Jeep stop not far from the hut. She knew who it was. Hawkeye had come back! She gathered all her remaining strength, stood up, and ran to him. He opened his arms to her and they hugged, glad they were both alive. He helped her climb into the Jeep and told her not to worry; when they got back to the 4077th, they'd make sure she was okay. He drove onto the dirt road that lead through the trees and back to the 4077th. Margaret snuggled up to him for the drive home.

The End