Chapter Two - When You Assume......

Nicholas had a ton of potatoes to peel. KP was the only duty he could pull while occasionally feeding himself on animal blood while also keeping out of the sun. But he didn't mind. It kept his hands busy while he figured a way out of Korea.

"Hey, Sarge?"

"Yes, Corporal Klinger?"

"Listen, the Colonel, he mentioned about your problem with sunlight. I think I got a solution. An old Lebanese folk remedy. We Mediterranean/Desert types had to deal with a lot of sand and sun, just without the surf."

Nick tried to be friendly, but he could never hope to fake Lacroix's gregarious public persona. For a Vampire leader with no use for humans, Nick's master knew exactly how to obey their strictures just so as to be let alone.

"What's your remedy, Corporal?"

Max nodded.

"It involves---Garlic!"

Nick sighed, and never did get around to asking Klinger why he was wearing a dress whose design he had once seen on Jeanette. But while Max jabbered, Nick absently noticed something truly amazing. He saw half a cooked hamburger patty in his hand--and came to realize he had eaten the other half. He gulped, and came to a decision, hoping that one non sequitur would be followed by another.

In his office, Colonel Potter took a call from General Embrey.

"Heyyy---Em! Oh, boy, its good ta hear from ya. Remember those Mamselles? Yeah---ended up leaving US money. No, Em. You know me, I've never had either your administrative skills nor the political savvy to capture those stars. No disrespect, but I'm happy with my Bird. Why're ya callin---HE DID WHAAT?!!"

After saying goodbye to his old friend, Potter walked out and grabbed the absent Radar's PA mike.

"Attention : Doctor Burns to the CO's Office--Yesterday."

Frank did indeed show up, as he was bid.

"Colonel---I'm glad you called. I just so happen to have some things I want to discuss with you."

Sherman got up in Burns' face, and grinned the grin of the lion who spots his next meal. This time, Frank had crossed the line---wherever that was.

"GOOD! Major, lets you and I Pow-Wow!"

"Hey, that sounds like fun--but can I be Buffalo Bill?"

Potter shook his head.

"Try General Custer, Major."

Stopping at the Swamp after leaving a confused Nicholas alone, Max Klinger dropped something off.

"Captain Hunnicutt, sir? I have that scrapbook of my Section 8 efforts--why'd you want to see it?"

A BJ who was certain another month would crack him wide open tried to joke about it.

"Well, Klinger, looking at all this is just my way of planning my own escape."

Klinger pushawed him and walked away. He would never know the plans he made and how they helped a bit.

Nick continued to feel odd. Feeling the "change" he walked out of the darkness--and into the light.

Once outside, Nick was in his glory. The sun was even more beautiful than he remembered. He shouted out, quite delirious with joy.

"Hey Klinger---howzabout that garlic?!"

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