Chapter 5

"Where the hell are we?" Sidney asked. "Does anyone know?"

BJ glanced at the dashboard. "According to On*Star, we're coming into Chiltonville. Next stop is Manomet and then the Atlantic Ocean."

Flashing blue lights came on behind them. "We're in big trouble, that's where we are," Trapper groaned. "That's not the Chiltonville police, it's the state patrol."

BJ slowed down and pulled over. The trooper who came up to the window didn't look much older than Kim. "Can I see your license and registration, sir?" he asked sternly.

Sheepishly, BJ gave the patrolman his driver's license and the rental contract for the van. "Officer, I know this sounds ridiculous, but we were chasing a helicopter. Some friends of ours have been abducted."

"The kidnaper is completely insane," Sidney put in. "And he's armed."

The trooper raised an eyebrow. "You were at the hospital banquet? Mercy General?"

"We were." Margaret leaned over BJ to hand the trooper her military ID. "Please, we have to find that chopper. My goddaughter is hanging on to the landing gear. She turned sixteen last week. Please, Sergeant."

The officer stared at Margaret's ID. "Major General Houlihan? I'll radio in and see what I can find out, ma'am." He walked back to the patrol car.

Trapper reached over and touched Margaret's shoulder. "Hey, are you all right, honey? You're not fixing to hyperventilate on us, are you?"

"Margaret, what's wrong?" Sidney asked.

"N-nothing! We're just wasting time, that's all," Margaret insisted. "We'll never catch them sitting here like this!"

"They're in a helicopter," BJ reminded her. "We can't outrun them."

"You're right," Margaret admitted. "I - I couldn't stand sitting there waiting. And I just couldn't bear to face Em if something happened to Kim. It's my fault she went after Flagg!"

"How do you figure that?" Sidney asked.

"I was the one that got her started on this save the world bit. I introduced her to Global Justice," Margaret said. "I was so proud of Kim and I went and shot off my big mouth!"

"But Kim has done an excellent job working for them. She helped capture Osama bin Laden, for cryin' out loud," Sidney persisted. "Pretty humiliating for him, the world's foremost terrorist being captured by a fifteen year-old girl."

"That was an accident!" Margaret explained bitterly. "We knew he was in the area, but Kim wasn't supposed to be anywhere near bin Laden. Then somehow he managed to get his filthy paws on that idiot Ron Stoppable, Of course Kim had to save him."

"And so she did," Trapper spoke up. "No big, as Kim's always saying."

"I'm sure Hawkeye means more to Kim than Ron does," BJ added comfortingly. "If Kim can save her best friend, she can surely save her grandfather."

"No, no, you don't understand! There was -" Margaret stopped herself. She knew better than to discuss the Wizarding World with anyone, especially Sidney Freedman. "There was someone else helping her."

The state trooper reappeared at the window. "Uh, General, ma'am. I - er - I have a message for you personally from the President of the United States."

"Yes?" Margaret said hoarsely. What little color she still had in her face left and she had to clear her throat. "What is the message?"

"Um, he says - and I'm quoting, ma'am - he says, 'What the hell do you think you're doing?' He also says for you to get your tail back up to that hospital and stay there, dammit!" the patrolman stammered. His ears were bright red. "We -we're to keep you posted and you're to keep out of trouble, er, ma'am."

"Most sensible thing Bush has ever said," BJ approved. "Are you writing us a speeding ticket or can we go now?"

"Orders are for you to drive back to Boston at a safe speed," the trooper reported. The license number and description of this vehicle have been posted. You're getting off with a warning but if you exceed the limit by so much as five miles, the occupants of said vehicle will spend what's left of the night in jail. Sir."

"Peg would love that," Trapper reminded his friend. "All right, Leadfoot, let's move out."

"Just a minute," Sidney spoke up. "What news do you have about the chopper? Have they located it yet?"

"No, sir. They lost it over Hyannis Port. Patrols are searching Cape Cod and the Sound," the trooper replied. "There's no wreckage so they probably just found a secure location to hide out in." He looked in at Margaret. "They'll find 'em though, General. They've got everyone from the local police all the way up to the Coast Guard looking. You do what the President ordered, ma'am, and stay out of the way. He says he knows you'll obey."

"We wouldn't dream of anything else," BJ assured him. He started the car and pulled back onto the road.

"I'm sorry I asked," Sidney mumbled.

"No, it's okay," Trapper said firmly. "We can't stop believing in Kim now. Everything will be fine. Right, Margaret?"

Margaret stared ahead of her. "Oh, please, God, we need some magic now," she said, too softly for the others to hear.

"What's going on in there?" Radar demanded. "How bad is it?"

"Stay down in those bushes or it'll get even worse!" Henry hissed. He removed his fedora and wiped a pearly sheen off his forehead. "It's pretty bad now," he admitted.

"How bad is pretty bad?" Radar persisted.

"Really ugly. Hawkeye was bandaging Kim's arm with the most repulsive tie I've seen since I left the Army," Henry reported. "Flagg's popping No Doze and washing it down with those blasted high energy drinks that are pure sugar and caffeine. He won't sleep for the rest of this century!"

"But - then how are we gonna get in there? What can we do?" Radar gasped.

"We need help. You stay here out of sight," Henry instructed Radar firmly. "I'll be back as soon as I can, hopefully within the hour."

"The hour? Where the heck are you going?" Radar asked.

"To England. Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey," Henry recited.

Radar's eyes widened. "You - you're gonna get Kim's boyfriend to help us? All the way from England?"

"You got any better ideas?" Henry snapped. "We need Harry Potter. He can help us." He glanced at Radar and looked away. "Okay, he's a wizard."

Radar frowned and tried to concentrate. "Whaddya mean, a wizard? Like he's good with computers or something?"

"No, he has magical powers," Henry said impatiently. "That kind of wizard."

"You're joking, right?" Radar said in disbelief. "Magical powers? Like in fairy tales?" Henry put his hands on his hips. "Didja ever wonder why we have stories about witches, giants, goblins, dragons and people using magic to get what they want? Nobody made all that stuff up!"

"Ya - ya mean there really are -" Radar's mouth hung open. "Holy cow!"

"Exactly! There are people called wizards that have those powers," Henry told them. "Harry Potter happens to be one of them."

"No kidding? What does he look like?" Radar inquired.

"Well, he looks like his dad mostly but with his mother's eyes -" Henry stopped and glared at Radar. "Whaddya mean what does he look like? He looks like a sixteen year-old kid, for cryin' out loud!"

"I was just askin'," Radar said meekly.

"Well, you let me go get him and you'll see what he looks like!" Henry shook his head as he began to apparate. "Muggles!"

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