Meanwhile, Klinger was helping Margaret limp to OR.

"Let's not go through Radar's room," suggested Klinger, "we'd probably wake him up, and he'd start to worry." Margaret agreed.

As Klinger set up an operating table for the major, Margaret looked around the spacious room. Her eyes settled on something unnerving.

"Klinger!" she choked "Klinger! LOOK!" Klinger followed Margaret's pointed finger, and he saw them, too.

"Empty bullet cartridges!" Klinger identified the objects immediately.

"Do you suppose... he was here?" asked Margaret.

"Well, he's gone now." assured Klinger. Just then, BJ, Hawkeye, and colonel Potter came in. The five people looked each other over.

"What the heck happened to you?" Margaret asked BJ.

"I was about to ask the same thing." he replied.

Hawkeye and colonel Potter went to work. Hawkeye stitched up his best friend, and the CO took the bullet out of his chief nurse's leg.

While they finished up, Klinger sat on a third table and thought deeply.

"Hmmm..." he muttered.

"What is it, Klinger?" asked Hawkeye as he put the last stitch on BJ's shoulder.

"Well, I was just thinking... shouldn't we call the MPs? They'd probably catch Burns quicker..."

"Great idea," said Potter, "wake up Radar and get some of those MPs here, on the double!"

Klinger walked into the company clerk's office and immediately walked out again, his face totally drained of color. "Sirs, I think you better come see this..."

Leaving Margaret and BJ to recuperate, Potter and Hawkeye went to see what had frightened the section-8 wanna-be.

There were official-looking papers scattered everywhere, and signs of a struggle filled the room.

"Where's Radar?" asked Potter, concern flooding his voice.

"Here..." a small voice replied from behind the door. It was Radar. He was still sitting up against the filing cabinet, bleeding profusely from a chest wound, obviously inflicted by none other than major Frank Burns.

Radar was still conscious, but not for much longer.

"Get him into OR, now!!!" Hawkeye yelled to Klinger, obviously not noticing that that was what Klinger and Potter were doing

Margaret leaned on Klinger as she assisted Hawkeye and Potter with Radar. They had all totally forgotten about the MPs.


An hour and a half later, Radar came to in Post-Op, which was empty except for his rescuers. They were discussing something quietly. Radar strained his ears and heard their plans.

"...And all because it's too snowy out there!" Klinger was reporting.

"Well, at least you tried, Klinger." said colonel Potter sadly.

"I say we go out there ourselves and catch him!" exclaimed BJ, slamming his fist in his palm. "OW!"

"Beej! Don't do that!" reprimanded Hawkeye.

The conversation was cut off there, when Margaret signaled to the others that Radar was up.

"Hey, Radar! How ya doing?" asked BJ.

"I'm going with you." replied Radar quietly.

"Huh?" asked Hawkeye.

Radar took a deep breath and repeated it more loudly. "I'm going with you!"

"Going where?" asked colonel Potter innocently.

"I'm gonna help you guys catch major Burns... he killed Stinky."

"Radar! We just operated on you! How are you ever going to get better if you go around looking for maniacs?" pointed out Hawkeye.

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